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Since 2008, we have developed a strong reputation for delivering exemplary IT solutions for reputable clients across the UK. From internet connectivity to hardware, to complete infrastructure overhauls, take a look at some of the work we have completed for our partners.

Zoological Society of East Anglia

Since 2020, we have been the IT support partner for ZSEA, the non-profit who own both Banham Zoological Gardens and Africa Alive Zoological Reserve. Beginning with an initial consultation to set out where they wanted to be, we first completed a full IT audit, resulting in the creation of an infrastructure plan. 

This started with a full server room move and a large-scale migration to Office 365, including the optimisation of cloud-based solutions for both storage and software. 

To improve their cyber security processes, we also centrally manage their anti-virus software which we deployed, alongside a robust backup process. 

We continue to provide ongoing IT support for the client.


Zoological Society of East Anglia – IT Support Partner

Norwich Theatre Royal – Managed IT Support

Norwich Theatre Royal

We provide ongoing managed IT support for Norwich Theatre Royal across all areas of their business. This includes helping them prioritise their workloads and ensures they have access to knowledge and expertise at all times.

Alongside constant maintenance, we have installed business-grade monitoring and reporting tools onto their server environment – significantly improving both the security and performance of their IT infrastructure.


Hales Group

We are also partnered with leading health and home care provider, Hales Group, whereby we have set an ambitious new direction for their IT infrastructure.

We first migrated their data centre into Azure to ensure that all company files, applications and services were running in secure and up-to-date systems.

We were also able to help the client save significantly on their IT costs, first by consolidating all of their services into one, and then through rationalising all of their billing by reviewing their licensing costs. Through reconfiguring their existing licensing structures, we have been able to save on costs for the same products with no downturn in service.

Currently, as we visit each site, we are resolving issues as they are identified as well as writing up detailed recommendations for resolving the remaining issues that require more planning or equipment.


Hales Group – IT Infrastructure Support

Efficient Task-Based System


For pre-owned luxury accessory brand, Xupes, Netmatters were brought in to create an entirely new IT network for their new flagship office. This solution required physical networking between the two premises, networking for several hundred endpoints and a wireless network to cover three floors and an outdoor meeting space. 

We delivered a high-performance solution to meet these requirements. The new wired network has proved exceptionally reliable with two high availability firewalls allowing for either until to fail without a drop in connectivity, and a resilient array of network switches designed to keep the network functional at all times. Additionally, our wireless solution is used by dozens of roaming endpoints on a daily basis without being visually intrusive to the environment and offers high-speed connectivity for three different buildings. 

Xupes now have a strong network backbone across all premises, and the installation of CAT6A cabling allows for a drop-in upgrade for any future speed increases they may require, future-proofing their connectivity. 

Following the completion of this work, we have now taken on full support of their network and also manage their helpdesk support.


Urban Mission Schools

We also have a longstanding managed IT support partnership with Urban Mission Schools & Communities – a specialist independent school for ages 11-16 in South East London. As UMSC had limited IT support resource coming out of a prior partnership, Netmatters were brought in not just to provide ongoing expertise, but to upgrade their infrastructure, security, and connectivity in order to better optimise their operations.

We first assisted the client in becoming more location-independent by transitioning all key network infrastructure to a Microsoft 365 cloud-based platform – improving performance by reducing the reliance on slow internal servers.

We then implemented a new Ubiquiti Wi-Fi system to drastically improve both speeds and stability throughout the school – with each Access Point being managed by our team should any issues arise.

We have also significantly improved the security of their network through optimising their Office 365 environment, setting up security rules, and enforcing multi-factor authentication across all accounts. This was supplemented with the implementation of new anti-virus software and full disk encryption to ensure that all of their data is safe. 


Dedicated Account Manager

Netmatters came in as our IT partner around the same time I joined in my role. In that time, they have moved our whole estate into the cloud, brought down our costs and embedded themselves with our team across our many sites. The team of technicians that support us are knowledgeable, friendly and have brought back a lot of confidence in the IT systems across the business.

Hales Group

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