Do You Want Powerful and Flexible Web Hosting for Your Business?

When it comes to your business, your website needs to be fast, reliable and outperform your competition every time; whatever your needs may be, we at Netmatters have the perfect dedicated server solution for you and your business to succeed.

At Netmatters, we host hundreds of customer websites and systems across the UK, currently handling around 4.1 million requests a day on average. We are focused on helping clients find the right hosting solutions, such as email and web hosting, to manage a fast, reliable digital experience.


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Unrestricted Access

With complete access, you will be able to manage what your website looks like, its functionality, its postings and more with our bespoke web hosting solutions.

Enhancing Experience

Amend your web infrastructure more efficiently than ever before with our secure and reliable website hosting solution - build specifically to your business needs.

Ongoing Support

With access to our in-house support team you will have direct contact with an expert member of our team who will be able to assist and answer any questions.

Does Your Business Need Powerful & Flexible Web Hosting?

If you are interested in powerful and fully flexible web hosting or email hosting, then get in contact with one of our offices in either Wymondham (near Norwich), Cambridge and Great Yarmouth. We have secured web and email hosting for multiple businesses across Norfolk, East Anglia and the UK. Needing support? At Netmatters, we don’t believe in the need to log support tickets for assistance, our fast and efficient service will ensure all problems are resolved as soon as possible. Get in touch today.

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What Makes a Good Web Development Partner?

Clear & Effective Communication

If there are not clear, proactive lines of communication established by your website partner, you can be left in the dark as to how your project is progressing, resulting in outcomes that deviate budgets and expectations.

At Netmatters, each client has an Account Manager, Project Manager and Technical Lead who engage with the project and maintain consistent channels of communication.


As most development work is billed on a time-based model, it is critical that you have transparency over how your time, and thus money, is being spent.

Netmatters provide full-transparency through a to-the-minute billing model. You will be able to access time reports to see precisely how much time is being spent, with a full description of what has been worked on.

Vigilant Maintenance

Every website requires ongoing maintenance, but smaller agencies that are inundated with work may only be able to get in front of issues once you raise them.

At Netmatters, we have over 40 full-time developers that are automatically alerted to complete technical reviews and updates, meaning that we can proactively prevent problems that could affect your website.

Cohesive Projects

When looking to complete web development tasks - whether that be a full website build, migration, or update – a clear, coordinated approach is essential to producing an outcome that exceeds expectations.

At Netmatters, each project has a Project Manager who you will work with collaboratively to establish a concise roadmap with clear expectations and timelines. The Project Manager will then co-ordinate the build in line with these objectives.

Proactive Recommendations

Technology is always evolving – with businesses constantly developing their sites with fresh functionality to offer value to their users, it is vital that your Web Development Partner is proactively looking to improve your site to stay ahead of the competition.

With over 40 full time developers working off of a task-based system, Netmatters have the processes in place to ensure that we are always proactively developing our client’s websites to stay ahead of the curve.

We approached Netmatters with the requirement of multiple front facing websites, without wanting to have separate control mechanisms for each. Netmatters propositioned a central administration system, with the ability to control limitless websites on standalone domains simultaneously. This has surpassed our expectations, and we have since commissioned them to assess and develop our internal systems as well.

Piers Colby - Saint Vincent Holdings

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