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Many companies depend on various management systems, software applications, and spreadsheets to handle their daily operations.

An ERP system enables businesses to integrate and streamline their core operations, including finance, human resources, procurement, and supply chain management. As well as improving efficiency, productivity, and decision-making capabilities by providing a unified view of all business processes. Additionally, it can help reduce costs, minimise errors, and enhance data accuracy, providing valuable insights into business performance. With these advantages, an ERP system can help businesses stay competitive and adapt to changing market demands.


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Remove Repetition & Get the Best Out of Your Resources

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business management system can help to streamline the steps you need to take when sourcing information. Business management software gives you real-time data and results, it can help to remain agile and flexible, reacting to market conditions quickly and efficiently. Having a holistic overview of every facet of your business will allow you to make decisions quickly and ensure you remain ahead of the competition.

The automation of manual tasks allows you to free up staff time to focus on the work that requires human intervention. This work tends not only to be of higher value to your customers, and therefore worth more to you, but also fulfills staff by giving them challenging, engaging work.

Integrating the moving parts of your business through a business management system also allows you to quickly see where there is an issue, and importantly ensure it gets resolved quickly. You can see where there are faults in processes and rectify them.

With many years experience of designing software systems to suit a range of businesses across various industries, we can help you design a business management system that works for you.

If your current management software or ERP systems need modernising then get in contact with our experts.

User Friendly

Whether you integrate one tool or five you can guarantee an easy to manage UI designed specifically to promote success.


We will design a unique Business Management System that reflects the needs of your business.


Your bespoke system will be able to grow with your business, allowing you to continue to reap the benefits well into the future.

Manufacturing Industry ERP

The manufacturing industry has its own unique issues that need to be addressed when it comes to business management. We have worked with a number of manufacturers to provide them with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to manage their business.

With our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution Sysflow, you can integrate your core business tools and software together including CRM, inventory management and agile project management, job costing, job scheduling, tracking, and quality management, every application you use and need is right at your fingertips in one simple, centrally managed hub. Ensure that your staff are delivering high-quality customer service with the help of an ERP system, this helps you deliver goods to customers faster, improve productivity, and implement inventory control. Our solutions make it easier for sales and customer service staff to interact with your customers thus improving relationships with them.

Eliminating repetitive processes, ERP systems reduce the need for staff to manually enter information. Streamlining your business processes makes it more efficient for companies to collect data and reduces the risk of human errors. We will work with you to scope out exactly what you need – and we’ll advise you too. We’ve worked with local businesses across East Anglia, as well as large businesses in a wide range of industries so have a good understanding of some of the specific challenges you might be facing.

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The Netmatters’ system has quite literally transformed 1st Choice Insulations from an archaic paper-based organisation to a business that can now handle enormous insulation contracts without employing extra admin-based staff. It has quite literally transformed the business - our clients can now log into our portal, look at their insulation programme in its entirety (reducing our email traffic by 75%), answer their own questions/queries, and even download surveys and quotes.

Chris Barber, Director - 1st Choice Insulations

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