The Story So Far...

Our story began in 2008. During the fallout of the recession, our two directors, James and Chris, started Netmatters as the only two employees with huge plans. Fast forward 10 years and Netmatters is now a business with over 90 staff across three locations. Quite good going, don’t you think?

This journey has seen us continuously strive for more to become a leader in our industry. What began as predominantly an IT support company way back when has now moved into a full-service agency offering every element of technology a business could need.

T.R.U.E Values At Our Core.

At the heart of everything we do here at Netmatters is our T.R.U.E values. They are what has helped us remain true to ourselves, grow in a sustainable manner and unite our team with a single purpose.

Recent years have seen our business expand into new services and locations. However, these four values have remained with us the entire time, and we will continue to rely on this at our core.


Empowering communication, skill and dedication within our integrated, dynamic teams.


Supporting environmental causes, applying ethical practices, promoting fitness, health and personal development.


Embracing diversity and equality within the workplace whilst strengthening community links.


Focused on strong, transparent relationships and positive end-to-end experiences for all.

On A Mission

In 2008, the world was a very different place. No one would have expected digital technology to play such an essential part in our personal and professional lives. But, more important than advances in technology, what has driven our business growth over the years is our unique ability to put customers at the heart of what we do. Each customer is as important to us as the next. To this day, treasuring these relationships continues to take us to new heights. It’s our mission not only to be the best full-service agency in the market but to collaborate and work efficiently in partnership with our clients. Having the best services means nothing without a welcoming team that tailors their expertise to the situation.

Our mission, alongside our T.R.U.E values, allows us to build lasting client relationships. We build trust and provide results.

Netmatters - Our Culture, Values and Mission - Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and London

The Dream Team

Life at Netmatters starts and ends with the team, and our growth over the last decade and more is a testament to that. Knowing that you are part of something special is a big part of what makes our team tick and we know that we would be lost without them.

Given how important they are to us, we have to look after our team.

Our high-quality facilities across Wymondham, Gorleston, and Cambridge alongside frequent bonus schemes promoted social activities such as BBQs and nights out and even our own in-house gym makes working at Netmatters the place to be. 

As well as promoting physical health and wellbeing we put a lot of emphasis on mental health – something that is ever more important for everyone to focus on. With access to a life coach and other life support, a focus on quality work-life balance, and access to a wide range of training and learning opportunities we strive to put the welfare of our team first at each turn. Importantly we also listen to them, and if there is a problem our number one priority is finding a solution.

A Greener Future

Paper? Never heard of it. Each of our offices is as paper-free as possible, doing our bit to reduce demand for cutting down trees. Everything we do is digital, from communications to completing tasks.

Becoming carbon-neutral has been one of our biggest targets in recent times and we are proud to confirm that from 2021 we have achieved this. Achieving Carbon Charter Silver and working towards Gold status, we’re recognised as an agency that looks after the environment just as much as we do our employees and clients.

With incentives from car shares to reduce pollution and even working from home, the Netmatters way is a green way. We are also working towards a fully electric fleet of company vehicles, and all of our offices have charging points available.

Netmatters - Achieved Carbon Charter Silver Award - Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and London

What Our Employees Think

Develop skills, take on responsibility, and progress your career.

Digital Marketing Executive

A great, forward-thinking place to work.

Head of Digital

We're a Living Wage Employer

As a values-driven business, Netmatters vision is to ‘create a positive end-to-end experience for all'. This includes our team members as much as our clients.

We believe in paying a meaningful wage for all of our staff as a hard day's work is worth a fair day's pay.

At Netmatters, we are proud to pay the real Living Wage and view it as a worthwhile investment in our people. They are our most valuable asset, and we believe that having happy co-workers will ultimately lead to our customers receiving a great experience when they partner with us.

We're a Living Wage Employer

Cambridge Office

Unit 1.31,
St John's Innovation Centre,
Cowley Road, Milton,

Wymondham Office

Unit 15,
Penfold Drive,
Gateway 11 Business Park,
Wymondham, Norfolk,
NR18 0WZ

Great Yarmouth Office

Suite F23,
Beacon Innovation Centre,
Beacon Park, Gorleston,
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk,
NR31 7RA