What is IT support and Why Does Your Business Need it?

Posted by Netmatters
8th March 2024

What is IT support and why does your business need it?

All businesses, organisations and charities reach a point in their growth at which they must decide how their IT is supported and managed. For many of these, the obvious choice is to outsource this need to a Managed Service Provider (MSP – that's us). This allows them to focus on their own area of expertise whilst entrusting the IT Support to an IT professional.  

Increasingly, with workspaces becoming more digital, more of an emphasis is placed on taking a proactive approach to ensure your network is kept efficient and secure with business IT support or managed IT support. 

But what is IT support? 

Whatever your business, you'll probably use a digital system – but making sure it stays up and running day-to-day can be challenging when there's technical language involved. Many find themselves muddling through, lacking the knowledge to migrate data to the cloud or know which hardware or software they need to install next.  

Fortunately, your IT support partner can help you through this with ease and precision, making sure your business is futureproofed and moving towards your goals with confidence take a look at how we helped improve Urban Mission School’s IT infrastructure here. 

Do I need day-to-day IT Support? 

When we talk about IT Support, we’re mainly talking about reactive and proactive work. Reactive support is resolving problems that often stop your staff from working; internet outages, emails not receiving, servers going down etc... when this happens, the biggest priority is having a partner who can react to these problems quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Alongside this, businesses ought to have a proactive element to their IT; a partner that can prevent issues from happening in the first place. A good IT provider does this by ensuring there are relevant policies in place, actively working on the security of the network and implementing changes that work with the business to head off potential problems.  

They also work to develop a strategy for the future and keep ahead of the ever-changing world of technology. 

How can IT support help my business in the future? 

Your IT support partner should have your business’s objectives at the forefront of every decision, enabling them to scale up systems when needed and provide flexible solutions. This flexibility is just one of the characteristics that make a great IT support partner, plus the ability to trust they will get you back on your feet as quickly as possible, with fast response times and expert knowledge.  

When you have a great IT partner, you’ll have: 

  • Lower costs 
  • Greater efficiency and speed  
  • Improved cyber security  
  • Ability to scale up systems 
  • Reassurance that your systems are up to date 

Read about how we futureproofed Hales Group’s infrastructure

Where can I go for IT support? 

At Netmatters, we offer a complete, comprehensive range of IT services, including cloud-based migration, data backup and recovery, helpdesk support and even the installation of high-quality hardware. With ourISO 27001 certification, you can be sure your data is encrypted to a military-grade. With locations in Wymondham, Cambridge and Great Yarmouth,, our dedicated and friendly professionals are always open to a chat or to offer a hand with any day-to-day queries you might have, contact us now

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