Our 3-step Cyber Security approach is proactive and secure...

Providing a safeguarding service for you and your clients' personal data.

1 > Review

We conduct a full cyber security audit to establish any weaknesses within your network and create a bespoke plan to ensure the fixes we implement enhance your business' Cyber Security.

2 > Plan

We create a plan of action to source the best protection solutions, essential to support your business both now, and in the future... without any hiccups along the way.

3 > Implement

Our team implement the necessary fixes and routinely monitor your systems, to ensure those that are active complete the work efficiently, as expected and with minimal disruption.

The statistics speak for themselves...

Here is some insight into the Cyber Security world, and why you want to be protected.


The average number of days it takes for a retail business in the UK to realise they have been compromised. This can be cut dramatically with a regular cyber security audit.*


of UK businesses have suffered a cyber attack over the last 12 months.*


There are around 65,000 attempts to hack SME's in the UK every day, with a near 4,500 attempts successful.*

What Our Clients Think

"It feels like Netmatters are an extension to my team. They are around if I am not, and I have the peace of mind that everything will be covered if I take a holiday or am not around."

Matthew, IT Manager

Norwich Theatre Royal

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will Cyber Security Do For My Business?

Cyber Security (including data backup services) is vital for your business as it will help reduce the likelihood of the loss or destruction of your data. Your company's data is one of its most valuable assets, so you should ensure that you have a reliable data backup solution to protect it. Additionally, by having robust Cyber Security protocols in place your customers will feel confident that you are doing what you can to protect and secure their personal data.

How Will Cyber Security Protect My Confidential Data?

Good Cyber Security will help to decrease the vulnerability of your confidential data by closing off potential attack vectors (an attack vector is defined as a method by which your system could be breached or infiltrated). Examples of good Cyber Security protocols might be:

- Keeping firewall ports closed that do not need to be open
- Good antivirus systems to help protect your system from inbound threats from emails or malicious websites
- Staff training to guard against phishing or social engineering attacks.

By implementing systems to help you identify and block threats you reduce the likelihood of your data being compromised.

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