5 Characteristics of a Good IT Support Partner

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In the modern interconnected world, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing the right technology partner. You want a partner who will understand your business, steer you intelligently, and help your business to adapt and grow. All of which begs the question: "What do you need to look out for?"

As a leading IT company that specialises in IT support, bespoke software, and digital marking, we have broken down the 5 most important characteristics you need to look out for in your IT partner to make sure it is best placed to help your business be safe, secure, and drive profitability and growth.

Experience Tailored to Your Industry

When it comes to establishing the priorities and complexities of your business, you need an IT partner who has experience and wants to learn about your business needs. Unfortunatley, finding an IT partner that knows the in-depth intricacies of every industry is unlikely and impractical. Of course, your IT partner needs to draw on a wealth of experience, however, they also need to be asking the right questions, tailored to your business, with a willingness to learn.

What matters to your business? What are your objectives? What are your concerns? These are just some examples of the key questions your IT partner should be asking. Here at Netmatters, we believe that the best way to support our clients is to understand their business and IT needs. That is why we start by asking the right questions, and sharing our experience and knowledge to find a solution for your IT needs.

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Clear and Managed IT Support

In the fast-paced technological world, managing your IT support is perhaps one of the most crucial characteristics of a standout IT partner. Clear communication is key and it can be very beneficial to meet with your IT partner, gather your thoughts as a collective, analyse your specific business priorities, and plan a united approach moving forward. However, it is the ongoing support and conviction to monitor and action/resolve any unforeseen issues that make an IT partner great.

Understanding this need, Netmatters draws on an extensive team of in-house technicians who are specialists in IT, hosting, telephony, and connectivity, enabling us to cater to your technology needs through tailored and fully supported packages.

Cyber Security Safeguarding

Ensuring that your website and business are safeguarded by cyber security measures should be a core focus of any good IT partner. Cyber security resilience is essential to maintaining any online business, keeping your data secure, reducing the risk of online attacks, and ensuring your clients remain confident in your services.

If your IT partner doesn’t recommend a plan in which cyber security is instrumental, then we would suggest being cautious. Netmatters ensures that our clients feel confident and secure by providing a full cyber security management plan, including an initial security assessment to then advise/create a bespoke plan to ensure the fixes we implement to enhance your business’ security.

Data Backup, Recovery, and Reporting

As well as having a cyber security focused approach, another unmistakable characteristic of a good IT partner is one that ensures backup procedures and data recovery are in place should a disaster recovery ever be needed.

With the ever-growing interest in online businesses and technological solutions, ensuring your data is backed up with disaster recovery is crucial to keeping your business safe, secure, and on track. With online threats to data security ever-present, a harmful data breach has the potential to initially harm your reputation, leading to customer loss and ultimately reducing your business’s overall revenue.

That’s why Netmatters provide a comprehensive data backup & disaster recovery plan that includes our bespoke data backup software that ensures your data is safe, secure, and accessible from anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

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IT Integration and Development Service

Working with an IT partner who can offer a complete integration and development service, from streamlining your business’ procedure and safeguarding your data to developing bespoke software tailored to your business needs, can provide a unique breadth and depth of experience that is indispensable.

This versatility means that you can be confident in your IT partner to provide whatever service you need. So, whether you’re looking to establish a new business and brand or are reinforcing the IT infrastructure of a well-established business, you know that your IT partner can draw on the expertise to assist your business in whatever you need.

Here at Netmatters, we have developed our IT infrastructure to specialise in a variety of IT services, including digital marketing, telecom services, website design, cyber security, and developing bespoke software solutions. As a result, we draw on all our expertise to help our clients find and implement the IT solution that best suits their needs.

A Trusted IT Partner: How Netmatters Can Help You

If you are looking for a proactive, comprehensive, and communicative technology partner to support your business with any upcoming projects, Netmatters are on hand to help.

Whether you are looking to create a new site to drive leads, are curious about the cyber security of your data, or are looking to bolster your technological infrastructure, contact one of our offices today in NorwichCambridge, or Great Yarmouth for a free consultation today.

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