Scion Scheme Frequently Asked Questions

In order to help you decide if the Scion Training Course is right for you, we have put together a list of some of the most common questions we get asked whilst people are in the research phase. If your question isn't answered below do feel free to contact us. Good Luck with your application.

On the application form it says “DWP Registration”, what does that mean?

We work with a number of local job centres and works coaches to offer the training course to individuals who are registered with the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions). This might mean you are receiving job seekers allowance, or universal credit, or some other benefits. If you have come to the course through the job centre, or are in receipt of benefits of some kind please tick yes in this portion of the form.

How long will the course take?

On average, the full-time course will take around 6 months.

However, you will be able to work and learn at your own pace – so you might take a little longer and some people finish even quicker. You will be working on the course for 40 hours a week - as if you were working full-time.

Will the course take longer if it is part-time?

We recognise that a full-time commitment doesn’t always work for everyone, so we have been working hard to be able to deliver a part-time option for those students who have other commitments. You will be expected to work just as hard, and yes, it will take you longer to complete the course and get the same experience as your peers. There are however, fewer places available for part-time Scions.

Will I get a certificate or a qualification?

The goal of the Scion course is to prepare you for a tech job, not just to earn a qualification. We work with you to cover the skills and training necessary to help you get a role as a junior developer (or equivalent). This is what success means to us, so whilst you will get a certificate at the end of your time with us, this isn’t about an academic qualification – this is about getting you into the first step of an IT career.

When does the course start?

You will train at your own pace, and the learning isn’t carried out in a classroom scenario, so effectively you will be able to start the course as soon as you have been accepted and are ready to go. There are no fixed start dates.

Are there any age limits?

We take on Scions of all ages, there are no age limits in place. As long as you are old enough to work and young enough to be employed we would be happy to talk to you. There are some age limits on the funding that we have access to, but you can always talk to us about your options.

Will I get paid?

This is not a paid training course. You may qualify to receive your job benefits whilst you are studying with us, but you will not get paid directly by Netmatters.

Do I need previous experience?

There is no requirement for you to have worked or studied in this area before. We are looking for personal qualities and an excellent attitude over previous experience. This course works best for those individuals who have a real interest and desire to learn more about coding, but the most important thing is that you are committed and ready to give the course your best shot.

What happens when the course is finished?

In the last few months of training with us you will work towards securing a role that you want to work in. You will be coached in everything from interview technique to personal branding. You will be encouraged to research the role you want and we will work with you to get that role. You may be expected to do a trial day or some sample work for the company. Your time as a Scion comes to an end once you have secured your first role.

Can I train to be a games developer?

This is a popular dream role for many people these days, and whilst some of the coding skills you will learn on this course could be useful, the bulk of what you learn will lean more towards other tech roles. The opportunities to become a games developer are rare and almost none would be available without some development experience first. The most common route into a role like this is with a successful stint as either a web or a software developer so this is a good place to start.

What support is there if I have learning difficulties?

We are committed to ensuring that the course is as accessible as possible with learning being done remotely and part-time options available. Specialist equipment can often be arranged via your Work Coach at the Job Centre if this is required.

What is the culture like at Netmatters?

The culture here at Netmatters is one of inclusivity and tolerance. Every person who works here is expected to adhere to our T.R.U.E values in everything they do. We work hard, and the Scion scheme is no different. You can find out more about our values and culture on our website.

How do I apply?

To apply for your place on the Scion Scheme, make sure that you have watched our video and read through all of the information on the website. Once you have done that you can fill in the application form. You will be interviewed by one of the team and we’ll progress your application from there. This is your chance to tell us exactly why you want a place on the Scion Scheme and what you will bring to the table. We get a lot of applications for this course, so take your time and fill in the form properly.

When will I hear if I have secured an interview?

We aim to respond to all applicants, whether they have been successful in getting an interview or not, within a week of receiving their application form.

If you have been waiting longer than this, please check your junk or spam folder first, before emailing us on

What is the application process?

Once we have received your application form, we will assess your suitability for the scheme. The next stage is to have an interview - we will be sure to contact you, regardless of whether you have been successful in securing an interview or not. If you have been successful we will arrange a date for a video interview with one of our training team. Following this, we will arrange for you to do some trial work to see your skill levels and ability to follow instructions. The final stage is being offered a place on the training course!