Black Friday: 3 Top Tips to Optimise Your E-commerce Business for Black Friday

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday (week) on the horizon, businesses around the world are looking to implement the best e-commerce strategies, aiming to capitalise on prospect opportunities and create a lasting buzz that will see them through to the new year. 

In this article, we explore how optimising your website can prepare businesses of all sizes for key events. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, read on to discover how investing in digital marketing can help you capitalise on the growing digital world today. 

1) Optimising The Customer’s Journey

In this new world of multimedia outlets and opportunities, e-commerce has undoubtedly become the new norm for shoppers everywhere in the UK, with the online experience influencing UK consumers each and every day.

A customer’s journey is arguably the most important aspect of any website, especially when it comes to online shopping. By customising your businesses online journey, you can personalise and present key promotional messages, captivate your customers with clear choices, and enable a smooth search, find, and purchase experience.

Now more than ever, your customer’s journey shapes their opinion of your site and services. From analysing demographical information, to identifying click and bounce rate intensity and clear trending patterns. Here at Netmatters, our digital marketing team specialise in optimising your customer’s journey, providing you with the best solution for your customers.

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2) Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Strategy and planning are synonymous with success. Business plans help entrepreneurs maintain clear goals and shape the day-to-day running of the business.

In short: a clear and precise strategy that is developed ahead of time can really take advantage of changing trends, consumer behaviour, and cultural movements. The key to this is using focused data analysis to identify opportunities and threats in the market, which can then inform your decision-making.

This starts with looking at how your users behaved last year, taking advantage of tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to determine what they were searching for, and how they then interacted with your site. This will help you determine what keywords/search queries you need to be targeting, and also what areas of your site need improvement to drive conversions.

Here at Netmatters, our expert digital marketing team make use of this data to help drive online success for a variety of e-commerce clients.

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3) Exploring your sales channels

It is important to note that the way users research and shop online is changing now more than ever before. This means that, whilst users will ultimately make a purchase through your site, they might not necessarily be completing their journey through the search engine.

For example, we are seeing more and more users discovering brands and conducting their product research through social media channels. This, in turn, places more emphasis on paid and organic social media content to help drive awareness, and build closer, two-way relationships with your customers.

To see what’s possible through social media, take a look at how we generated a return on advertisment spend of over six-times for Banham Zoo and Africa Alive’s summer events!

Netmatters: Helping Optimise Your Business Success

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