Internet Connectivity Is No Joke, Don’t Let Your Connection Be The Punchline

With 99% of businesses now needing the internet to operate, what would happen to your organisation if your connection was slow, unreliable or unsecured? Could your day-to-day tasks continue? We understand that a solid internet connection is one of, if not the most important, element to the daily running of any business, and without it, time, money, and productivity could be lost.

With that in mind, we have dedicated an entire team to support our customers with their needs. We take the time to understand how your business works and the speed of the connection required to operate efficiently.Time is precious within a business and getting things done is of the highest priority. Because of that, we assess your needs and deliver you the best connectivity option.


Leased Lines Provider

The statistics speak for themselves...

We work to provide the best service for our customers and leased lines are no exceptions. You may wonder why you need one, we have the answers:


The amount of time spent on supporting your leased line.


The number of businesses has seen their IT costs fall thanks to faster internet.


The minimum amount of connection speed that we offer.

Unlimited Data

No matter the data package option, we won’t put any restrictions on your data allowance – this means no usage cap.

Reliable Support

 We support your business through trustworthy advice to assist you with the entire process from set-up to aftercare.

Fixed Speeds

We know our stuff when it comes to broadband speeds, so we make sure yours is always as quick as you need it.

Our approach to connectivity is efficient and knowledgeable...

Netmatters can provide competitive pricing on internet connectivity and offer a full project management solution from initial discussions, right through to after-care and support. We provide a dedicated, uncontended service to all of our customers to ensure they have a line that matches their business needs, no matter their location.

Let our team of telecoms experts decipher your business' internet requirements.

Leased Lines

Get the most out of your line with a speed range from 2Mbps up to 10GBps and no usage cap. A leased line also comes with the added benefit of a fix time of 5 hours for service affecting issues and up to 15 hours for broken fibre cables.


A connection dedicated soley to your business meaning you don't share the bandwidth with other users. This creates a symmetrical upload and download bandwidth speed of between 2Mbps up to 10GBps and the best part is, no usage cap.


A copper based service using copper pairs to connect you to the nearest street cabinet, connecting back to the carriers core network.This creates uncontended, guarenteed and dedicated bandwidth with a maximum symmetrical speed of 35Mbps.

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We are very happy with our 3CX phone system installed by Netmatters at the start of August. Joe was fantastic from our initial discussions, and demonstrations, all the way through to the implementation and go-live processes. The migration from our on-premise phone system to 3CX was seamless. Would highly recommend the team and Netmatters and their knowledge of the 3CX product. We are now in a position, for all staff to work remotely, efficiently.

Matt Chrisostomou - Corby+Fellas Retail Systems

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