June's Notables 2024 - Celebrating Our Team

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8th July 2024

June Notables 2024

Celebrating the achievements and dedication of our staff, at Netmatters, we put aside some time each month to highlight the accomplishments of our team and the attentive hard work of the individuals that choose to go the extra mile. 

As a company dedicated to cultivating a culture of progress and accomplishment, we find joy in exploring the exceptional achievements of our teams. We give special recognition to individuals who embody our T.R.U.E values and show unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch service to our clients. 

This June, we’re pleased to announce our latest “Notable of Notables” – Scott Covey! Scott showed true dedication and commitment when faced with a customer emergency, demonstrating our T.R.U.E values. Well done, Scott! 

A Special Congratulations to Scott.

“Picking up a customer cyber emergency and diligently working through to resolve the issue and provide support and information to the client. Great work Scott!” – Chris Waldie 
“Providing great customer service, and always keen to help. A great asset to the Cambridge Team!” – Bethany Shakespeare
“Scott headed up an Emergency for Greens of Soham. It was handled calmly, effectively, and the client was quick to express how well handled the situation was. Above and beyond the call of duty, nice work Scott.” – Matt Hurst
“Providing great customer service, and always keen to help. A great asset to the Cambridge Team!” – Bethany Shakespeare
“Doing a fantastic job in helping a client through an Emergency Task, being calm, and providing sound technical advice.”  – Robert George

Introducing Our June Notables 

Tom Craske - Showing a desire to help drive forward improvements for his clients by advising suitable technologies – Robert George 

Tomas Leigh - Consistently demonstrating an exceptional level of customer service to his clients – Robert George 

Richard Phillips - Doing a great job in balancing the work for Natures menu despite being faced with numerous challenges – Robert George 

Tomas Leigh - Tomas led a project for a client's office move that resulted in long days and nights. The client made a point to sing Tomas’s praises for a job well done. Super stuff Tomas. – Matt Hurst 

Ash Ward - With an ever-moving picture of projects and resourcing, Ash provides extensive support to his Project Manager and ensures he has what he needs to deliver work in a joint responsibility to the benefit of the PM and Netmatters customers. – Tom Lancaster 

Haydn Leeds – Haydn has been instrumental in the UA extraction projects we have been leading to ensure our clients are able to retain their historic Google Analytics legacy data. He has also had positive feedback from the Digital PM team for his ongoing level of assistance he provides them. – Tom Lancaster 

Jimmy Wright - For his hard work on the Sweetzy reskin project which went live a few weeks ago. It was a big website change and there were a lot of moving parts but he managed it well and was constantly providing updates to the PM and providing ongoing support directly to the customer for site changes they needed to make. – Tom Lancaster 

Simon Jones - Working closely with IT to ensure harmonious relations with customers.  Always willing to help out where he can. – Chris Waldie 

Gary Cullen – Some excellent new business wins and a terrific work ethic and performance. – Elliott Peacock 

Simon Jones – Brings a positive solutions-first approach to challenging client needs and situations. – Elliott Peacock 

Jess Rout – Jess is doing an excellent job within Operations as she starts to take on more responsibility. She learns quickly, adapts to change and is always receptive to any feedback provided. Keep up the good work Jess! – James Street 

Zach Gilbert - For tackling complex challenges with a can-do attitude and for completing a complex client app to a high standard. – Simon Wright 

Emily Caseley – Doing a great job on the newly acquired Netmatters Marketing account. Bringing some new ideas and truly trying to move the needle on the performance. – James Gulliver 

Rebecca Sibanda – Working hard to keep on top of all the various marketing requirements and deliver quality work. – James Gulliver 

Excellent Work from Our Notables!

Congratulations to all our notables, who have showcased the T.R.U.E values consistently. 

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