A Wild Success - ZSEA - Digital Case Study

A Wild Success - ZSEA - Digital Case Study

The Client

The Zoological Society of East Anglia (ZSEA) is a wildlife conservation charity that manages both Banham Zoological Gardens and Africa Alive Zoological Reserve, which have been entertaining and educating visitors across East Anglia for over 50 years. Their primary goal is to promote a connection with nature and preserve biodiversity for future generations. The zoos offer memorable experiences for families and friends and are dedicated to conserving endangered species and inspiring the next generation of conservationists.

The Requirements 

At the end of June, we were approached by ZSEA who, on short-notice, needed Netmatters to manage all of their advertising campaigns for both Banham Zoo and Africa Alive throughout the summer period. The summer holiday season is key for ZSEA, as it is traditionally their busiest time of the year. Therefore, it was critical for them to be able to effectively advertise their Six-Weeks of the Summer campaign, ticket promotions, and educational clubs in order to meet key revenue targets.

With a budget of £11,000 for Facebook and £10,000 for PPC, it was crucial that these campaigns were carefully planned and executed to maximise their impact and generate a significant return on investment. 

Netmatters was tasked with the challenge of creating and managing multiple ads for Africa Alive and Banham Zoo over a short period of time, from July to September. This required a high level of organisation and efficiency to effectively promote the zoos and drive attendance during their busiest season.

With over thirty individual campaigns set to go live on each platform between mid-July and September, we were tasked with mobilising quickly to plan, create and co-ordinate cohesive campaigns across multiple channels in a densely packed time period in order to hit revenue targets.

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The Solution

Following an initial project scrum, our Google Ads and Facebook Advertising specialists came together to review each of the events/promotions and create a co-ordinated content calendar and budgeting plan in order to deliver each promotion at the right time, and within budget.

A Wild Success - ZSEA - Digital Case Study

PPC Campaign

We began with in-depth keyword research designed to source common search queries made by parents during the summer holidays such as, ‘attractions for kids’ and ‘days out with the family’. This was critical to ensuring we hit our target audience.

Throughout the period, separate adverts were created for each offer, promotion, and event – separately for both Banham Zoo and Africa Alive. As well as keywords, advertising copy was carefully reviewed and adjusted to ensure we were able to effectively communicate the value and appeal of the zoos to the target audience and encourage them to act. This helped us to optimise both the click-through-rate and the eventual conversion rate.

As we had no previous performance data to work with, our specialist consistently monitored performance and fed back to our contact at ZSEA, working collaboratively to optimise and alter the ads to maximise return on investment.

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Facebook Ads Campaigns

After completing our initial planning stages, the focus was on discussing our desired target audience with the client and nailing down exactly who we want to put our social media ads in front of. By using Facebook's advanced targeting options, we were able to directly target parents and grandparents, with the objective of meeting their need for summer activities whilst also encouraging them to share posts with their friends to increase the ads’ organic efficiency.

The target audience was consistently altered for various events and evening activities, from young couples looking for a unique date night, to wildlife photography enthusiasts looking to hone their craft.

Through the use of A/B testing, we were able to refine these audiences and targeting parameters throughout the course of the project to ensure that we were meeting the correct target audience and maximising return on investment.

Similarly, budgets were reviewed and adjusted based on the performance of individual campaigns, keeping us agile to increases in demand.

The copywriting for the Facebook ads were crucial for grabbing the attention of our target audience and convincing them to visit the zoo. The ad copy needed to be compelling, clear, and concise. The use of large, bold titles and emojis helped us stand out on busy news feeds – a key contributor to our high visibility.

Over the course of this small period, over 30 individual adverts were created, closely monitored, and adjusted to maximise return on investment. Constant communication with the client was maintained in order to feedback on progress, and suggest both graphic, targeting, and budgetary adjustments.

A Wild Success - ZSEA - Digital Case Study

Comparison of PPC & Facebook Ads Campaigns


A Wild Success - ZSEA - Digital Case StudyOur return on ad spend (ROAS) has significantly increased from 3.82x in previous campaigns to a noteworthy 6.12x, demonstrating the effectiveness of our targeted advertising efforts.

A Wild Success - ZSEA - Digital Case StudyWe achieved a cost-per-purchase of just £2.03, a considerable decrease from the £9.12 we saw on previous campaigns. These results speak to the efficiency and high return on investment of our strategy.

A Wild Success - ZSEA - Digital Case StudyWe attained a minimum conversion rate of 16.65%, showcasing the relevance and appeal of our ads to the target audience.

Google Ads

A Wild Success - ZSEA - Digital Case StudyClick-through rate is higher than industry averages (2% for search ads, 0.9% for display ads).

A Wild Success - ZSEA - Digital Case StudyResulted in 345 goal completions.

A Wild Success - ZSEA - Digital Case StudyCost-per-click (CPC) was £0.38, which is competitive compared to industry averages.

A Wild Success - ZSEA - Digital Case StudySuccess of the campaign can be attributed to effective targeting, compelling ad copy, and optimised landing pages for conversions.

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