5 Signs That You Need a New Website

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5 Signs That You Need a New Website

With e-commerce forecasted to reach 22% of all purchases made in the UK by the end of 2023 (Statista, 2022), having an effective website is now critical to any business.

However, it can be difficult to know whether your existing website is fit for purpose, or whether you need something new to help compete in dense digital markets.

In this article, we highlight five key signs that your business should be looking to build a new website in 2023.

1: Stagnant Leads & Conversions

With an increased number of users either purchasing, or raising enquiries for services online, generating leads or conversions through your website is vital for staying competitive in the market.

If your website is experiencing poor conversion rates, with very few users either making a purchase or raising enquiries, it is most likely that your website is the problem. This could be the result of an outdated design, limited functionality, or a range of technical errors that are damaging the user experience.

At Netmatters, our expert team of web designers and developers will be able to review your website, identify the cause of these errors, and then design a high-quality solution to boost your digital presence.

2: Age of the Site

Older websites can attract a host of problems that make it challenging to keep up with competitors online. For example, older sites typically have outdated functionality, such as inefficient booking systems and painstaking checkout processes that do not align with a modern consumer’s expectations when shopping online.

Additionally, when working off of an older codebase, it can be incredibly challenging to modernize with new features and functionalities that may not be supported and any upgrades to stay in line with your competitors are more time-consuming and costly when compared to a newer website build.

This is shown through our work with One Traveller, whereby the implementation of the new website allowed us to integrate complex functionality such as a streamlined booking system and customer portal which has significantly aided online conversions.

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3: CMS Usability

A content management system (CMS) is the application attached to your website which allows you to create, edit, and update the content and appearance of your website.

Due to the level of competition online, it is critical for businesses to be able to constantly update their website with new information, blogs, imagery, and articles to help provide users with the most relevant information possible to assist with conversion. This is especially important for 2023 as Google is now placing much more importance on fresh, updated content when deciding its ranking factors. Thus, if you are working with an outdated content management system that is difficult to use and offers limited functionality, staying visible online will be a far more time-consuming task compared to competitors with up-to-date builds.

With a new build, you can choose a modern, intuitive CMS such as WordPress or Shopify that allows you to update content, create new pages, and manage the technical aspects of your page with ease. You will also have an extensive range of features and functionalities available that older sites, with poor technical specifications, are not able to facilitate

5 Signs That You Need a New Website

4: Lack of Scalability

Your website needs to have the ability to handle an increase in traffic influx as the business grows, while still maintaining performance and security. If your current website is not at the technical standard to perform well as traffic increases, you could be faced with a crash during busy periods such as Black Friday or Christmas, leaving you out of pocket.

A modern website build with Netmatters is built through stress-tested procedures to ensure that that it can perform effectively regardless of the traffic numbers, ensuring that you are able to scale your online business.

5: Dated Design

94% of users’ first impressions are related to the design of your website, and 38% will stop engaging with a website immediately if the layout is deemed unattractive (Web FX). Thus, if your business is still using an old website with an outdated design, you are significantly increasing the likelihood of a user leaving the site and moving on to a competitor.

At Netmatters, we are specialists in modern, dynamic website designs to support your online presence. Take a look at our website build for Ashcroft Partnership LLP whereby we created a fresh, unique design to support their rebrand and help them stand out from the competition.

How Netmatters Can Help?

If you are looking to undertake a new website build, it is critical that you choose the right development partner who can offer a constant line of communication and manage a cohesive project. At Netmatters each client has an Account Manager, Project Manager, and Technical Lead who co-ordinate the project and ensure that outcomes meets expectations, and are delivered on time and to budget. Book a free consultation with our website specialists today on 01603 515007 or fill out the form below to book a consultation. Get in contact with our offices in NorwichCambridge, or Great Yarmouth.

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