5 Reasons You Need a Maintenance Partner for Your Software / Website

Jim Palmer
Posted by Jim Palmer

5 Reasons You Need a Maintenance Retainer for Your Software / Website

As a modern business, you will be well aware that as new technologies and resources are developed, keeping an edge against your competitors can be difficult to maintain. We are seeing more and more organisations invest in new technologies, such as software systems and top-of-the-range websites, making staying ahead of the curve more technical than ever!  

A key element of staying ahead of other businesses is an ongoing maintenance retainer with a technology partner – whereby a monthly fee is paid for regular maintenance and upgrades to your existing solution.
From keeping your software solutions secure, to providing a launchpad for your future success, this article highlights the five key reasons why having an ongoing maintenance partner is key to any software/website project.

Keeping Your Solution Secure

When your solution is first built, you can be sure that it is updated with all of the latest security features to protect you against cyber breaches. However, this is not the case as your system/website ages. From content management systems to software integrations – these all require regular patches to fix any bugs that have been found. 

At Netmatters, clients with maintenance retainers receive regular reviews and updates for all of their applications to ensure that they are secure.

Maintaining Performance

As with security updates, you also need to be able to stay on top of functionality updates. For example, website plugins such as checkouts, page builders, and live chat functions all need reviewing regularly to ensure that they align with browser updates and offer the most up-to-date features.

If you are not regularly updating your plugins, you will be left with outdated or broken functionality on your website that will frustrate users and significantly damage the performance of your solution.

At Netmatters, our maintenance retainers are configured so that developers automatically receive tasks to review a website and action any updates.

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Cost Efficient

With a maintenance retainer, developers can be proactive with their maintenance by completing regular checks and updates before issues arise. These preventative measures are far more cost-effective than waiting for something to break on your site/within your software. Not only is it significantly more costly for developers to identify what is causing a problem and then to fix it, but you will also be left scrambling to find a developer on short notice who will not be familiar with your site/software, creating additional handover costs.

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SEO Maintenance

When looking specifically at websites, a key part of any maintenance retainer is to ensure that the site performs well on a technical level – including factors such as load speeds and content layout shifts. This gives users a positive on-site experience, and also makes certain that Google ranks the website well in the search engine, as technical site health plays a key role in rankings. 

Thus, if a developer is not regularly checking in on your website to ensure it is performing optimally, you could be significantly damaging your search engine positioning, and also users’ experience on the site. 

Clients such as One Traveller have been able to maintain strong search engine positionings through Netmatters’ SEO maintenance package, ensuring that they are performing at the strongest technical level.

Launchpad for Success

When it comes to business software and websites, we are constantly seeing the release of new technologies and functionality that creates an endless string of opportunities for you to enhance your digital assets further.  

With a maintenance retainer for your software/website, you will have access to a multitude of business technology experts who keep their finger firmly on the pulse of developing trends. This will allow you to stay ahead of new and exciting advancements in the sector, providing a launchpad for future success, and making sure you are not falling behind your competitors.

Looking To Invest in a Maintenance Retainer?

Whether it's for your bespoke software or website, Netmatters offer the most comprehensive and proactive maintenance package to ensure your digital asset as secure, functional, and up-to-date as possible. Take a look at why so many businesses trust Netmatters with the management of their software and website resources.

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