A Year in Business Automation – Why Are Businesses Investing Now?

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A Year in Business Automation – Why Are Businesses Investing Now?

Last year, we spoke a lot about the importance of Business Automation for taking organisations to the next level, and have since helped may of our customers gain a competitive edge in their markets.

With experts predicting that over 50% of the work we do now will be automated in the next few decades ,we are continuing to see more businesses than ever invest in automation to improve efficiency, and facilitate scalable, long-term growth. At this point, the question shouldn’t be whether or not to adopt automation, it should be a question of what should you be automating!

At Netmatters, this trend was realised throughout 2022, where we saw a 40% increase in our customers’ total spending on automation projects compared to 2021.

A Year in Business Automation – Why Are Businesses Investing Now?

The above graph showcases which sectors saw the biggest increases in spend with Netmatters on automation projects last year:

To put this into context, the below graph shows how automation spend with Netmatters is divided per sector.

We have seen the majority of investment from the manufacturing and construction sectors, where we have been able to help businesses that typically work on paper-based process models ditch the clipboards and automate key areas of their operations.

With 330% and 167% growth in 2022 respectively, we expect to see continued increases in automation investment across these sectors throughout this year and beyond. This is a trend which is here to stay.

A Year in Business Automation – Why Are Businesses Investing Now?

What Does This Data Show?

A Push for Efficiency

Traditionally paper-based industries such as manufacturing and construction have complex and repetitive processes in both their service delivery and pricing structures which require a significant amount of administration and create a high risk of human error on manually focussed tasks.

As the competitive density in these markets increases, it is critical for businesses to be able to offer the most value, both in terms of pricing, and service delivery. Thus, businesses are now realising that they can generate significant advantages over competitors by automating and streamlining these complex processes – minimising their costs and improving the efficiency of their operations. It’s a win-win!

Take a look at how we transformed a manufacturing business by automation key stages in their processes, as well as our implementation of a bespoke business management system for insulation specialists to automate elements of their service delivery – from initial inspection to final invoices.

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A Launchpad for Continuous Improvement

The uptake in automation spend also showcases how managers in paper-based industries are aiming to be more forward-thinking and future-proof their business for further technological developments.

When it comes to business software and technology, the market is not standing still. Each year, we are seeing new, increasingly advanced solutions and integrations become available, presenting an endless string of opportunities for businesses to improve their processes and reach levels of efficiency that have not previously been possible.  

A bespoke business management system acts as a launchpad for success, with organisations able to continuously integrate new functionality as they grow and their needs change. Thus, the focus is therefore, to form technical partnerships with agencies such as Netmatters through a monthly retainer so that businesses can expand and grow their system on an iterative basis. Take a look at how we were able to help Warren Services achieve just that through making consistent upgrades to their business management system.

How Can Netmatters Help?

If you’re looking at exploring how automation can help your business increase profitability, be more resilient, and decrease reliance on personnel or manual-focused tasks then why not reach out to our team of business system specialists in Cambridge, Norwich, or Great Yarmouth? Our knowledgeable and experienced team are always interested in hearing about any limitations of your current system or workflow, and understanding your business goals, and will be happy to offer the best practical advice and solutions to you. Please give us a call on 01603 704020 or fill in the contact form below.

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