Celebrating 15 Years of Netmatters: A Journey of Growth and Success

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As Netmatters marks its 15-year milestone, we reflect on the incredible journey of the past fifteen years, a period that has seen remarkable growth with significant achievements and a commitment to excellence.

From humble beginnings, starting in our individual home offices to establishing a renowned presence in Cambridge, Norwich, and Great Yarmouth, Netmatters now boasts a skilled workforce of over 110 members in our team, and today, we are all filled with a real sense of achievement to have evolved into a leading technology and business solutions provider.

Timeline of Achievements

While 15 years' worth of development, initiatives, and achievements is a lot to get through in a single message, a simple glance at the Netmatters timeline demonstrates exactly why we’re so proud of our 15 year celebration.

From winning annual events as a united team to officially opening our Cambridge office, we’re thrilled to see our timeline punctuated with a host of accolades that truly illustrate the progression and commitment to excellence that our teams show each and every day:

Expanding Our Horizons

Journeying all the way back to 2008, few would have expected digital technology to play such a significant part in our personal and professional lives, but in the ever-evolving landscape of technological innovations, our mission began: to work in collaboration and work efficiently with our clients to be the best full-service agency on the market.

Staying true to our mission, 2013 introduced the pivotal moment when we outgrew our shared offices in Attleborough and took that much-needed step to relocate to our current Wymondham office.

Excitement was in the air - we could feel this move mark the beginning of a transformative era, however, we wouldn’t be telling the whole truth if we didn’t confess that we hadn’t fully grasped how quickly success would follow.

In true Netmatters fashion, the years that have followed saw us focus our efforts on expanding our team, developing our infrastructure, and refining our expertise in our specialist fields.

“At the heart of our journey was a vision to create a technology business that delivered the very best guidance for our clients. Our commitment to transparency became the cornerstone of our business ethos, developing long-term relationships through honesty and trust. As we looked to reach new horizons, the strategic move to Wymondham emerged as the next logical step. This transition enabled us to extend our services across the county and beyond with the expansive space needed to nurture a positive working environment.” - James Gulliver

It’s true - ambition is in our nature – and we wouldn’t change it even if we could. Establishing new offices all around East Anglia, our commitment to development and unwavering dedication to building around our T.R.U.E values business culture have undoubtedly laid the foundations for our success.

“The acquisition of new offices, capturing opportunities for growth, and supporting our staff through the changing economic landscape and the pandemic has been crucial in fostering a business that feels complete, inspiring both teamwork and opportunities and has been a testament to Netmatters’ vision.” - Chris Gulliver

What has always set us apart from our competitors is our core values that unify our departments, streamlining teamwork, owning responsibility, and fostering experience in every team. We always put our client’s interests first, but it would be remiss of us not to highlight the excellent work that is completed every day by the teams, without fail.

And so, as we look back on our achievements, we would like to take a moment to thank the teams that are the living heartbeat of everything Netmatters, delivering excellent work every day, as we move as a team towards the same goal.

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Resilient and Forward-Thinking

If there is one constant in life it is that it can’t all be plain sailing, and our last 15 years have been, of course, no exception. In the face of unprecedented challenges brought forth by the global pandemic, Netmatters, like many businesses around the world, had to adapt.

“We recognised the severity of the threat of Covid earlier than most, enabling us to prepare and develop a plan that allowed all our staff to work from home and continue our ongoing support to all of our clients before the Government announcement of lockdown on the 23rd March, 2020.

Our forward-thinking approach helped us, as a business, focus on supporting our staff by protecting jobs and ensuring clear lines of communication. In a strategic move, during this time we increased our marketing efforts, seizing the opportunity presented by the reduced advertising activities of our competitors.

This proactive stance not only unearthed new leads but also paved the way for businesses less affected by COVID-19 to discover the value we bring. Through these collective efforts, we remained true to our promise of job protection while establishing clear pillars of growth for the future.” - 
James Gulliver

As we all witnessed the world transition to remote work, we made it our aim to not simply ‘weather the storm’ but look to embrace the changes that were being put into place, facilitating all our staff with the necessary equipment for them to work comfortably from home. We are thrilled to look back at how our quick action and strategic response was received with success and gratitude, from clients and staff alike.

The winning approach of Netmatters has always been to experience, learn, and develop. It was during this time, we discovered that the working-from-home directive reported, amongst a plethora of additional benefits, a significant rise in employee’s mental health. Armed with this information, and being a company that is dedicated to supporting employees, we’re pleased to have extended the work-from-home mandate, where possible, providing our staff with a choice of remote and hybrid working. This forward-thinking approach allowed our employees to tailor their working environment to best suit their needs – but of course, we didn’t stop there!

Over the next few years, Netmatters has rolled out its very own Healthcare insurance to all staff members, as well as introducing the absence support package – all to help our employees when they need it most.

These initiatives reflect our commitment to a complete approach to employee well-being, and we’re proud to champion each member of our excellent teams here at Netmatters.

Career Progression and Diversity

Here at Netmatters, we’ve always championed the T.R.U.E values to be at the core of everything we do. It helps shape our business culture and instils unity among all staff members, providing a unique philosophy that encourages career progression and diversity.

We want every employee to know that their dedication, experience, and hard work will be rewarded. That’s why, here at Netmatters, it’s common practice for individuals and teams alike to set challenging objectives that will benefit the client and push their respective teams forward.

The directors of Netmatters holding the EDP Business Award.

“Netmatters are passionate about driving the company forward, staff progression and delivery excellence to our customers. It has been a privilege to be part of the company’s journey over the last 15 years. I started as a Junior Business Development Consultant in 2017, working my way up to Digital Marketing Director in 2023, showcasing the personal development opportunities that Netmatters can provide. Our TRUE values recognise and celebrate hard work on all levels, making Netmatters a leading company to work for.” - Jim Palmer

Providing opportunities for development and personal success is paramount to our working culture, and in the last fifteen years, we have introduced POD structures and product specialists, and perhaps most notably, the huge success of the Scion Scheme.

Born with the aim to help bridge the skill gap and offer a way to bring fresh minds into the technology industry, the Scion Scheme was carefully developed back in early 2017. Today, we are thrilled to report the continued success, with over a hundred applicants who have been trained and supported into the world of technology.

Environmental Commitment

Moving from strength to strength, Netmatters has centred on sustainability and environmental commitment throughout its operations. Progressing our environmental awareness with each passing year, moving from bronze to silver, 2019 saw Netmatters transition from a fleet of vans to a much eco-friendlier fleet of Nissan Leafs. In 2021, we achieved the Gold Standard for the Carbon Charter, becoming renowned for our exemplary low carbon management and partnered with Ecologi to provide both a virtual and visual impact on the good our climate contributions achieve.

Each office now champions the paperless call to arms, minimising the need for paper-based processes with online digital processes providing an environmentally friendly solution as the first port of call.

Lessons Learned and Looking Ahead

Reflecting on the past, Netmatters acknowledges lessons learned, including the importance of timely administrative support, strategic decision-making, and embracing new technologies sooner. Despite occasional setbacks, our unwavering resilience, T.R.U.E values, and ability to adapt have always been key to our success.

As we look to the future, the new office in Cambridge, the continuation of the Scion Scheme, and a commitment to environmental sustainability, The future looks bright for Netmatters.

Here's to another 15 years of innovation, excellence, and making a positive impact in the tech industry. Congratulations, Netmatters!

Netmatters is proud to be at the forefront of initiatives that empower individuals and promote teamwork within the marketing, telecommunications, and technology sectors. If you are interested in joining our team, contact us today or call 01603 515007.

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