Coffee Delight Website Build

Netmatters Ltd
Posted by Netmatters Ltd
13th September 2017

Coffee Delight appoints Netmatters to design and build their new website

Coffee Delight are an independent and innovative coffee franchisor, based in Devon, who provide the opportunity to own and run a coffee retail business, whilst, benefiting from a well-known brand, product and experience.

In such a popular and competitive industry, it became vital that Coffee Delight’s website echo the same high quality and standards, as the support and service they provide.

It was essential that their online presence reflect their brand ethos and delivered a logical and refined user journey.

By working closely with Coffee Delight, our web development team were able to determine the crucial functionality needed to deliver the optimum website experience.

This has resulted in an aesthetically pleasing website, which allows guests to gauge a better understanding of the Coffee Delight brand and to easily submit an enquiry about becoming a franchisee.

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