Meet Customers at Every Stage of Their Journey with Paid Social Media Marketing

Posted by Netmatters
18th June 2024

The Client 

Bunny Bistro are a family-run pet food manufacturer who form part of the Nature’s Grub group of natural pet food brands. They cater for bunnies, guinea pigs and other small rodents with tasty, natural forage and hay boxes. They are committed to providing pets with a great, varied diet and producing high-quality dried botanical products in the UK. From their headquarters in Norfolk, they sell their products online to customers based around the country. 

The Problem 

Bunny Bistro have worked with Netmatters for several years, coming on in leaps and bounds in their digital strategy, with their sister websites Nature’s Grub, True Dog and Horse Herbs also receiving full digital marketing support through SEO and PPC.   

While Bunny Bistro initially managed their paid social media campaigns internally, limited capacity and lack of expert internal resources meant their Meta Ads setup was minimal and management of campaigns was infrequent. With a strong grip on the client’s brand and objectives, we identified an opportunity to drive more traffic through a new paid social media marketing strategy, which would increase brand visibility and reach an engaged target demographic. This would complement the comprehensive and successful organic social media marketing strategy already run by Bunny Bistro which had already developed a close community of product and brand evangelists across multiple platforms.  

The Solution 

Following this recommendation, our digital marketing team planned and implemented a full-funnel strategy using Meta Ads that would target audiences at all stages of their purchase journey.  

Generating Awareness 

Targeting both broad and lookalike audiences, our team set up an awareness campaign which would aim to generate brand awareness and top-of-funnel demand. This campaign’s objective would be to maximise reach, engage users with the brand and encourage interaction with prospective audience members.  

Introducing Consideration 

Our middle-of-funnel campaign was set up to draw in users further along the buying journey, showcasing product benefits and introducing Bunny Bistro’s USPs to generate commercial interest.  

Bringing in Conversions 

We created our final campaign using a mixture of user-generated content and product carousels to test which performed better. We then used commerce manager to create product lists and run shopping ads for each product category which we continued monitoring and testing. This campaign targeted users to generate purchases with tailored ads, so we continually made changes to the campaigns such as swapping creatives, adjusting the copy, introducing new lists & ads, and making incremental budget changes.  

The Result 

By creating these three campaigns, we were able to target users at each stage of their purchasing journey. These campaigns would strategically support other channels like organic social media, SEO and PPC by generating broad levels of interest and feeding product demand into the funnel.  

  1. The Key to Success 

Paid social media has become the second highest traffic channel for Bunny Bistro between March and June 2024, accounting for 18% of traffic to the site and reflecting the value of the consideration campaign at driving relevant and interested user traffic through Meta Ads.  

Paid social media is an extremely efficient channel for generating interest in your brand and your products. A well curated strategy can attract users to your site and nurture them throughout the purchase journey, with highly effective budget utilisation. Key to this is maintaining a low cost per result – often, because of the more refined audience targeting, achieving a low cost per result is far easier for Meta Ads than with PPC campaigns run through Google Search. While we maintained a low cost per result across all campaigns, we observed the lowest cost per result in our consideration campaign at under £0.20.  Through generating high traffic volumes at low cost, we are now able to set up a new retargeting campaign to remarket Bunny Bistro’s products to users who have visited the site from ads.  

  2. Refining Our Strategy 

Our team focused on expanding the strategy so that it covered every type of user and part of the purchase journey, so we set up individual sale ads to promote discounted products – in April, we saw these ads amount to 57% of the total website purchases made. This shows the value of continually adapting campaigns through regularly testing new ads, product sets, ad copy and creatives. We are now looking to create a dedicated campaign for sale items which will take advantage of this audience segment with its own budget, maximising budget utilisation for the client.  

  3. Achieving Return on Investment 

Now, Bunny Bistro can fully take advantage of paid social media to draw traffic to the site and drive purchases, with ads reaching a brand new audience and resulting in a high return on investment.  

In May, a 4.32x Return on Ad Spend was achieved in our bottom of funnel campaign. 

Consequently, as well as expanding the existing strategy, we are looking into providing a similar plan for Bunny Bistro’s sister websites to replicate the success of this comprehensive paid social media strategy.  

Can We Help You? 

Are you looking to improve your marketing funnel? For eCommerce businesses, paid social media can offer a full-funnel option to expand your revenue generation and improve your digital marketing outcomes. 

Our digital marketing team are well experienced and equipped to set up your social media strategy and monitor your performance for you. Get in touch with us in Wymondham, Cambridge and Great Yarmouth or fill in the contact form below. 

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