IT In Safe Hands: SafeSTS

Posted by Netmatters
2nd May 2024

The Client 

SafeSTS work alongside industry leaders and Governments to conduct ship-to-ship transfers (STS) of oil, LPG and essential cargoes. With a first-class reputation for integrity, reliability and expertise they provide emergency STS support, alongside training, asset management, and project management services. 

The Problem

SafeSTS came to Netmatters with two critical issues. Firstly, since they’d changed IT suppliers, they would imminently lose access to all the data held in the previous supplier’s data centre. This would have a knock-on effect, as they would also then lose access to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which was pivotal for the management of their operations. Netmatters therefore needed to act quickly to find a workable solution for retaining this data. 

Secondly, SafeSTS was in the process of moving to a new office, but moving their on-premises servers would have resulted in significant downtime across the business with their original setup. Our IT teams knew that it was integral to sort these issues so that SafeSTS could continue working efficiently and securely. 

The Solutions

1.Creation of a Cloud Environment  

Our initial priority was reducing the amount of downtime that would occur when SafeSTS transitioned to their new office. Therefore, we created a cloud environment through Azure for their SAP & Active Directory, resulting in a seamless transition from the old supplier.  

By using Azure instead of physical hardware that often becomes less reliable throughout time, SafeSTS had minimal maintenance costs, no downtime, and the additional benefit that users could now work from either home or the office by connecting via VPN (Virtual Private Network). This meant all their workers would still be able to work and operate as usual without having depend on coming into the office. 

2.Installation of ERP System 

Through close communication and integration with the team, we were able to work alongside their third-party developer to ensure their ERP was installed and ready, removing any risk of losing access to their old system. Our proactivity also meant we could make active modifications to the cloud environment to support SafeSTS ERP deployment. 

3.Archival of Data 

With the imminent threat of losing their old data, we worked with SafeSTS to implement Blob Storage to archive data in a cost-effective way. This meant SafeSTS’s data was safe but they would only need to pay for the data they needed to access.  

4.Substantial Security Upgrades 

As part of creating the cloud environment, we were able to provide upgrades to their security in the move from Pfsense to Fortigate, allowing SafeSTS to operate more securely day-to-day. We also simplified their setup, removing unused hardware, reorganising cabinets, colour-coding cabling and updating server documentation. This will greatly improve SafeSTS’s day-to-day operations, allowing them to move forward in their new home with much more confidence. 

The Result

SafeSTS came to us concerned about losing access to their data, ERP system and the threat of a lengthy downtime during their transition. We were able to remove these risks so that SafeSTS could enjoy moving into their new home with ease whilst also implementing a series of measures to allow them to operate much more efficiently moving forward. 

“We started working with Netmatters mid 2023, with them taking over our whole IT infrastructure. During this time we have been more than pleased and impressed with their way of working. The team are always so helpful and easy to work with. During this time, we have had some significant sized projects, which Netmatters have worked tirelessly on, ensuring all works were carried out in order we achieved set timelines, minimising our risks, disruption times and exposure to problems. Having Netmatters there made the whole process so much easier. There is always a feeling of having that personal touch to all they handle, which is very much appreciated.” - Anna, SafeSTS

How Can Netmatters Help You?

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Whether it’s outsourcing your IT, or just our advice on keeping your business running smoothly, or a larger project, we can help you. 

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