James & Ella - Website Build and Stock Management System

Posted by Netmatters
23rd April 2024

The Client 

Dogs are more than just a pet – they’re companions who support their owners through the good times and the bad times in life. James & Ella’s mission is to reward them for their love and loyalty by producing the best quality nutritious, raw dog food, available through either subscriptions, or one-time purchases. They produce everything in their UK-based kitchens using human-grade ingredients, so owners can be sure that their food is natural and safe.  

The Problem 

With clear growth ambitions, James & Ella’s old website was not fit for purpose. Numerous bugs and technical issues that made it incredibly difficult to make any updates to the site, whilst the inability to integrate with their stock management and CRM systems created a significant challenge when trying to measure online performance and align their digital strategy. 

Additionally, James & Ella work on a subscription model, meaning dog owners can choose to subscribe to their favourite food or treats rather than having to consistently return to the site. Updating the look, feel and functionality of this model was key to their growth strategy, but they were struggling to do so through their existing site.  

How Did Netmatters Help? 

Designing a plan around those key pain points, our expert web design team rebuilt the client’s website with an overhauled design and enhanced functionality. Firstly, a brand-new design helped modernise the client’s online presence, with a specific focus on creating a clear user journey that helped them better connect with the brand, and complete purchases. 

The existing subscription model was completely overhauled in order to support greater flexibility for automatically contacting customers, opposed to relying on manual messaging. Integrating with the website, this helps provide customers with a seamless end-to-end experience and also assists with the provision of post-purchase communication to improve customer retention.  

Finally, we have also built a new CRM system to provide greater tracking, reporting and forecasting capabilities, as well as migrating the existing subscriber base into the system. This creates the ability to offer unique legacy pricing models to current customers and allow James & Ella to add and sell single products. This gives the client far more opportunities to expand their product offering and upsell. 

Moving forward, James & Ella’s ongoing retail relationships have prompted discussions over the ability to integrate and sync data between systems across multiple parties – laying the foundation for even greater business growth. 

“Netmatters distinguishes itself with a personalised approach, ensuring project managers are just a phone call away. While our 18-month journey presented challenges, their team's accessibility became a notable positive. Our website, now functioning seamlessly, has garnered praise from both existing and new customers, showcasing the positive impact of their services.” - Erica, Ella & Co 

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