Moving Forward: Proactive Digital Marketing with Abel’s Moving Services

Posted by Netmatters
22nd May 2024

Who are Abels Moving Services? 

Abel’s Moving Services is a high-end removal company with a rich history of providing bespoke, end-to-end removal services for high net-worth individuals across London, East Anglia, and internationally. Along with their Royal Warrant and their history of working with the Royal Household since 1981, they offer a premium, personal experience to their customers – specialising in the removals of precious antiques, fine art, and valuables. 

Why did Abels approach Netmatters? 

Abel’s were originally using a different digital marketing agency before coming to Netmatters but felt they were not being proactive enough. They came to us in the middle of the cost-of-living crisis, where it was becoming increasingly difficult to get genuine, good leads from their website. They were in the middle of launching a new website, with the expectation and desire to increase visibility against competitors for international and UK-based locations. This meant they were looking for a strategic, proactive SEO partnership to increase organic traffic, and ultimately, leads from their new home.  

Another problem that Abels were facing was a high volume of spam calls and email clicks which were inflating metrics and forcing Abels to work harder to gain leads. We wanted to help them remove this problem and get back on the road towards their goal. 

How did we help Abels? 

Our solution was to combine a variety of SEO tactics and techniques in order for Abels to rank higher and draw in better quality leads organically. We assisted firstly in their pre and post go-live checks on their new website, before reviewing the site as a whole to look at ways we could offer our content writing services strategically.  

By focusing on our target areas of London, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Norfolk & Suffolk, we decided to create bespoke landing pages. These were supplemented by the creation of landing pages that would help the user along their journey by providing all the information they need to progress. For example, we created a Why Choose Us, and Our Process page and Moving FAQs as well as regularly updating the site with visually appealing articles and case studies like this one about the Veteran Car Run. This meant we could make sure pages were well-optimised and linked to rank highly on Google. 

To solve the issue around spam calls and emails, we firstly implemented reCAPTCHA to block spam. To gain more quality leads quickly, we integrated a quick enquiry banner which users could obtain a quick quote from for comparative use and input their contact details into. This was another feature that aided the user’s journey from beginning to end. We also added the opportunity to view Trustpilot reviews to the site to further enhance the user’s experience and build trust. This worked towards Abel’s goal of achieving more traffic and leads. 

What were the results? 

Gaining Exposure 

Through our work creating bespoke, locational landing pages, we have enabled Abels to rank for locations that they were not ranking so highly for before. This has resulted in a 10% position increase in both Cambridgeshire and Norfolk-based keywords, and increased exposure on Google’s search results. This will bring Abels target audience to the site and ultimately bring more conversions. 

Raising Brand Awareness 

With strategic additions to content and article creation, the Abels brand name is more highly recognised by their target audience. This has increased Abels status and reputation as a trusted figure in the industry, key to helping future clients choose Abels for their moving services. 

Optimising Continually 

Through the integration of the quick enquiry banner, Abels have improved the usability of the site and ultimately this is where the majority of conversions have been seen. While we’ve also optimised the site for keywords specific to Abel’s strategy, we have seen great improvements in the technical health of the site, with their health score increasing from 65% to 80%.  

"Working with your team has been a highly productive and enlightening experience. Your proactive approach to SEO and digital marketing significantly enhanced our online presence and lead quality, directly impacting our overall business performance. We appreciate your dedication to addressing our specific needs and look forward to continuing this successful partnership." - Delia Gorgos and Kavan McCullagh 

Now Abels have a better optimised, healthier site, regularly updated with content and serving the user from start to finish. Abels are now proceeding with further brand strategy as well as making creatives to be used externally with PR and sales teams. 

Contact Our Digital Marketing Team 

Are you looking for a proactive digital marketing partner? We offer a range of services from SEO, PPC, content marketing, social mediaemail marketing and conversion rate optimisation to businesses across the UK. Why not contact us and start your journey today? 

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