Why Christmas at Netmatters is the BEST!

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First of all, Merry Christmas!

Things have been extremely festive at Netmatters this year. Our Netmatters Advent Calendar has treated all our employees to plenty of treats, gifts, and fun fuelled events.

Daily Christmas Treats

We have had different food spreads laid out every working day of the month and this has consisted of Chocolates, Sweets, Savoury Food, Biscuits, Cheese, Nuts and much more. Our fruit bowls have also been filled daily to ensure that employees can opt for the 'healthy option' if they so choose.

Annual Christmas Event

This year our Annual Christmas event was hosted at House of Tiago in Norwich. They catered for over 40 members of our staff with an amazing spread of food that included Reindeer sausages! Netmatters paid for all employees' food and drink at our Christmas meal, it was a great evening for a well deserving team that have worked hard throughout 2016.

Christmas Competitions

As we anticipate Santa's visit on December 25, we have hosted a few competitions for all Netmatters staff:

This has included Tombola with premium prizes that consist of an Xbox One, Amazon gift vouchers, MP3 player and more chocolate and sweets.

Then our final competition was the Christmas Costume Competition. You can see how some members took this extremely seriously and even wore fake elf ears! Good effort team - what a festive bunch!

Web Developer, Chris Raby wore a full Christmas themed onesie and even braved walking to the shops at lunch - now that's a worthy winner for the Christmas Hamper. Congratulations Chris!

If you are keen to join an energetic and ambitious company that is consistently growing, we have plenty of job opportunities available across all departments of the company. As you can see we enjoy the festivities and like to make sure that all employees spread the cheer. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

If you have any questions, you can contact us via the form below, or ring us on 01603 515007 today.

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