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Jake Tuley
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The Green Team reducing Carbon footprint

To recognise our finalist position in the EDP awards (the winners of which will be announced on the 25th of November), the Netmatters team has pushed hard for even further results within our Ecologi progress.

The Netmatters Ecologi account has been running for 10 months now, this is a Carbon Extraction/Carbon offsetting scheme. The funding we have provided is set to offset all of the direct Carbon inputs we make as an organisation. Earlier in the year, it was confirmed that Netmatters is carbon neutral, find out more on this here.

The aim is to reduce our carbon input year on year proportionally and to also extract multiple times more carbon as to “make good” on carbon inputs of previous years. Currently, for each year of Carbon extraction, we will compensate for 10 years worth of input which should see us in the GREEN after 18 months (to cover 15 years of being in business). 

We won’t stop when we hit 18 months, we will continue to fund the scheme at the same level to extract Carbon and keep us firmly in the Green, we are hoping other organisations will do the same, effectively working to remove the “mark” we have left on the planet. 

The Carbon Extraction scheme is not just planting trees, funds are also distributed to other projects such as peat bog restoration, preserving the Amazonian rainforest, solar panel generation in India, using waste Biomass to produce electricity in Chile, onshore wind in India, protecting low land peat in Indonesia, producing renewable wind energy in Bulgaria, and protecting old-growth rainforest in Peru - plus many more initiatives. 

As of today, Netmatters has funded the planting of 2661 trees in just 10 months. We are also introducing milestone tree top-ups. To recognise our finalist position in the EDP awards (the winners of which will be announced on the 25th of November) we have planted an additional 250 trees. The awards we are finalists for this year are: 

The Green Business of the Year and Scale up Business of the Year.

In addition to the above we plan to celebrate the team’s milestones and have extended our long service awards to include planting 250 trees for each team member achieving 5 or 10 years’ service. The cluster of trees will be named accordingly and published on the Netmatters Ecologi page starting with Lewis Wilby’s 10 year service award and Robert George’s 5 year service award which was announced earlier this week. That’s another 500 trees going in the ground.

The Green Team 

We are looking to set up a green team at Netmatters, which will be assisting us as an organisation to improve upon what we are doing to reduce our impact on the planet. We have done the easy stuff in terms of LED lights, aircon for heating and cooling, installing insulation in our buildings, making a move towards electric vehicles, and having access to electric charging points at all of our offices plus the biggest impact change of switching to a 100% renewables Tariff for the energy supply at all of the offices in Wymondham.

We only use electricity in these buildings and by switching tariffs to 100% renewables we are investing in renewable infrastructure.

More Trees Please! 

The Carbon Charter Process focuses on measuring a carbon footprint then breaking it down so it’s possible to understand which changes are going to have the best impact, this is the same for businesses as it is individuals we don’t all have to go off-grid, there are some simple and easy changes to make that will have a positive effect without massively impacting our day to day lives! 

We are making a commitment that we will increase our investment in the Ecologi Carbon extraction scheme and plant an additional 100 trees for each team member who confirms they have calculated their carbon footprint, plus confirmation that your household has been switched to or is already using a renewable tariff. Each clump of 100 trees will be titled with the Team Members Name – “Bob Smith’s Household is using Renewables” and published on our Ecologi page giving our team recognition for their efforts.

You can see details of all of the projects that we have supported on our Ecologi profile here:

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