Healthcare Companies: How to Benefit from Bespoke Software

How can Healthcare Companies Benefit from Bespoke Software

When it comes to implementing new technology into healthcare organisations, there are a whole host of challenges that can throw a spanner into the works:

Data Privacy

If you operate in the healthcare sector, such as with care homes or mental health support providers, it’s likely that you are storing an individual’s medical records. This throws an extensive set of data privacy regulations into the mix - something which can be a headache for any business when storing or sharing data.


Clearly, if data privacy is incredibly important, then so is the security of that data. As a result, healthcare organisations have stringent regulations relating to data encryption and cyber security which creates some very specific requirements when implementing new technology to help with business management.

Unique Needs

Tailor-made software can be beneficial to just about any company and industry, as it provides bespoke solutions to the requirements of your business. Focusing in on the healthcare industry, the needs of any business/organisation, from care homes to online mental health support, will be unique as patients have their own set of unique requirements. This doesn’t even begin to cover organisational challenges such as site-maintenance, staff management, and compliance!

Volume of Systems

It is also likely the case that, with so many different elements of your business to think about, the management of this is taking place across multiple systems, many of which may be outdated and ineffective. This can make it costly and challenging to try and integrate with off-the-shelf software solutions.

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Why Choose Bespoke Software?

What the above points highlight is that all organisations, healthcare in particular, now require technology to help bolster their practices and streamline the navigation and success of their business.

This is where bespoke software can provide real value. Bespoke software relates to any piece of technology that is custom-built for your business and its requirements, meaning that a specific system can be built with all your complex needs in mind, whilst still allowing you to benefit from greater oversight, reduced administration costs, and increased business efficiency.

As specialists in developing Bespoke Software, we highlight some of the key ways in which bespoke software can be, and is currently, being used to benefit healthcare companies.

How Can Bespoke Software Support Businesses in Healthcare?

Business Management System

A business management system, often referred to as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), is a central software system that integrates with all key areas of your business, such as your accounting platform, databases, and customer relationship management system.

With a bespoke business management system, you can design a solution specifically geared towards the processes needed to manage your business, making it perfect for a healthcare business that has such unique needs. 

For Black Swan Care Group, a specialist care home provider, we implemented a temperature management system that connected to all the thermostats across their locations and allowed the temperature of the homes to be managed through one central platform. This allowed them to save an astronomical amount of funds on energy bills, administration costs, and provide an overall better experience for their patients.

Task Management System

A task management system serves as a comprehensive and efficient platform that amalgamates all administrative and practical protocols into a cohesive and robust framework. This system has been designed to enhance your team's operational efficiency, streamline communication channels, and foster seamless collaboration among your staff members.

The bespoke task management system enabled the smooth transitions between shifts and the transfer of information. The team at Black Swan Care Group were able to track vital information and complete the administration of medications alongside all the other procedures.

Patient Portal Intergration

A Patient Portal stands as a highly secure online platform, offering patients a convenient and round-the-clock channel to access their personal health-related data. This innovative tool allows patients to establish communication lines with healthcare professionals, ensuring a crucial line for information and guidance. Moreover, the Patient Portal extends its functionality to encompass administrative tasks, enabling individuals to carry out necessary errands at their own convenience, irrespective of time constraints.

For organisations like Black Swan Group who have huge administration burdens, the integration of the Patient Portal can help alleviate the toll of administrative duties by affording patients the autonomy to manage various customer support, billing, and guidance services, all through the portal.

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