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Chris Waldie Notable Employee

It's the beginning of October which means only one thing here at Netmatters - announcing the winner of "Notable of Notable Employees" for September 2019. This award is given to a single employee who has exceeded expectations in their day to day role or has been influential in the company's success during the previous month. 

Every department manager is asked to nominate an employee from their department, who they feel has done exceptionally well during the course of the previous month. Each one of these employees is then considered as a candidate for this award. 

The Notable of Notables is presented to a member of staff who has been been doing an excellent job all round working on a demanding project. This month's Notable of Notables is awarded to Chris Waldie!

The Most Notable of Notable Employees

Chris Waldie

Chris's continued works on expanding 3CX knowledge internally whilst being a commercial asset on 3CX pitches makes him the notable for me! - Elliott Peacock

Chris Waldie - 'Great feedback of his performance in a meeting with our largest telecoms prospect, was able to answer every question eloquently and with credibility. Excellent work Chris :)' Chris Gulliver

Well done Chris for all of your hard work throughout September!

This Month’s Other Notable Employee Nominations:

Matt Hurst- Matt has done really well recently in dealing with Emergency and critical issues with clients, keeping calm and working methodically to ensure that we get the client back working and in a better place than what they were before. During a storm, Matt is a rock his colleagues can tether themselves to. – Rob George

Sean Fulcher – Over the past couple of weeks, Sean has done a fantastic job in managing the Hosting tasks in Dave’s absence, ensuring that tasks are dealt with in a timely manner and to a high standard. Sean has also done a great job in dealing with urgent issues for clients with a calm head. – Rob George

Richard Dent - Because of Richard’s due diligence, he has saved a client a potential cost of over £2k by reviewing a 3rd party requirement for a client which has resulted in being not needed. Taking this extra care for building solutions for clients can save unnecessary costs. Good spot Richard!  – Rob George

Simon Wright – working hard on a large account and managing a long list of ever changing priorities in a considered manner. Taking responsibility for his team and their performance and working to improve all the time. – James Gulliver

Tessa Woodrow – Doing a fantastic job of managing the Scion program and everything she is asked to do. Positive feedback from customers and staff alike. – James Gulliver

Drew Halls & Emily Mackley - Have put a load of work in to getting the hosting project in good shape, and reviewing how we manage billing to make this process much more efficient (and make sure we’re charging people – Josh Ralph

Thomas Fielding - Tom has been with us just over a month, but has really hit the ground running. I’ve seen nothing but high quality work from him so far, and continue to hear great feedback from others in the team. Keep up the great work Tom! – Josh Ralph

Chris Raby - Chris has been doing a great job as technical lead on a number of interesting system development projects and has received some real positive feedback from the customers we’re building these for, Keep up the good work!– Tom Lancaster

Rob George - Excellent management of emergency tasks - Elliott Peacock

Frank Desai - Some excellent web development wins and huge successes with the scion programme – Elliott Peacock

Tessa Woodrow - Exceptional management of the SCS, as well as pivotal role in helping expand this offering, with some excellent commercial successes this month - Elliott Peacock

Caitlyn Edwards - Our latest recruit to the NM admin team. In addition to Caitlyn providing reception cover she has already started to pick up other duties and is proving capable with everything that’s been asked of her, Great work - Chris Gulliver

Matthew Chapman - Continues to fulfil his role of security product specialist to a high standard, we have recently expanded our security offering based on input and feedback from Matt, he also implemented the process around delivering the new service(s) not just technical input he is considering how we will engage with the client in the process and what they need. Excellent work Matt! - Chris Gulliver

Charlotte Gubbin -  Really pleased with how Millie and Charlotte managed the handover of the finance processes, Charlotte picked this up with gusto and is very precise and efficient with what she is doing. I was worried about Millie being on maternity however the preparation has been excellent which made it a non-event! - Chris Gulliver

Bethany Shakespeare - Bethany has picked up more responsibility and is working well with the rest of the team, the admin department and specifically Bethany’s role is a real mixed bag! There is so much stuff which happens behind the scenes which most staff are not aware of, but Bethany laps this up, cracks on and gets stuff done. Well done Bethany, Keep up the good work. :) - Chris Gulliver

We like to show our appreciation to all nominees of this month's Notables award! A huge congratulations to all of those nominated for September, keep up the brilliant standard of work! The Notable Employee Scheme is just one of a range of benefits here at Netmatters, available to all employees. 

If you would like to be a part of our fantastic team and be in the running for some extra treats each month, view our open job vacancies today; we’re always on the scout for intelligent, motivated individuals to join our ever-increasing team! You can always contact us via the form below, or ring us on 01603 515007 today.

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