November Notable Employees 2018

Lewie Carton
Posted by Lewie Carton

It's that time again here at Netmatters, where we like to recognise the "Notable of Notable Employees". This award is given to an employee who has excelled in their daily duties or has been a part of something exceptional during the previous month. 

Each one of our department managers is asked to nominate an employee who they feel has stood out in particular for their skills and work ethic. Each one of these employees is then considered as a candidate for this award. 

The Notable of Notables is presented to a member of staff who has been making excellent progression and development and is a valued member of the development team. This month's Notable of Notables is awarded to Michael Grimshaw

The Most Notable of Notable Employees

Michael Grimshaw

michael grimshaw wins november notable

Michael has been showing a huge amount of initiative outside of working hours, he’s built a prototype 3D rendering using almost all the same data that the client's current system uses. Not only does this push his knowledge further but Michael’s technical and commercial awareness continues to grow and impress. - Josh Ralph

Michael Grimshaw - "Michael has shown excellent progression and development.  I'm really impressed with the 3D building rendering he has been working on for fun!" - James Gulliver

This Month’s Other Notable Employee Nominations:

Drew Halls - Drew has provided valuable feedback to IT on a recent emergency task procedure to ensure that we are providing an effective and valuable service to our customers. He is also taking great ownership of the Hosting project and continues to improve the structure of this to give us improved visibility over bug reports, security, updates etc. – Josh Ralph

Lewis Wilby – Lewis has impressed whilst working on a site which has been outsourced to us from a London based agency. The customer’s feedback has made it clear how impressed they were with the attention to detail which had been given whilst building the site. It’s easy to overlook the great work Lewis does when it’s consistently of such a high standard. – Josh Ralph

Ashley Ward - We continually hear nothing but glowing feedback about Ash. He takes on any task that is thrown his way and his approach is a clear sign that he is really owning his work and establishing himself as a valuable member of the team.Josh Ralph

Dave McLean – Handled a recent server crisis really well. Managed to stay cool and calmly deal with a lot of unfamiliar / niggly issues thrown at him from a variety of people and departments. Excellent work Dave. - Josh Ralph

Abigail Brown – Abigail joined the team as Digital's first Scion, completing a number of Google Certifications to grow her skills and knowledge of Digital Marketing. Since joining the team she has continued to display her enthusiasm and natural skill at not only marketing, but content writing and has recently taken the SEM lead on a client account. We look forward to seeing how Abigail progresses in the role as we head into the New Year! – Lydia Whitney

Millie Pankhurst – Excellent work organising the fantastic 10th Anniversary Ball. It went way beyond expectations and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely (some more than they should have!). Great work Millie, thank you. – James Gulliver

Jim Palmer – He owns the role, he consistently delivers results, raising the bar for the calibre of clientele we are working with, and ensuring the best service and results are always delivered. A force of continual improvement for the business, he is a key member of the team and deserves recognition. – Elliott Peacock

Sam Lupton – Samantha has been delivering some exceptional work recently on some very complex projects, her desire to understand businesses and their processes really shows when she is talking to them about their systems. Keep up the good work! – Tom Lancaster

James Gulliver – A first ever nomination for Notable employees for the boss! He told me I had to nominate him. – Tom Lancaster

As always, we'd like to show our appreciation for all of this month's nominees! A huge congratulations to all of those nominated this month, keep up the excellent work! The Notable Employee Scheme is just one of many benefits that Netmatters offers to all employees. 

If you would like to be a part of our exceptional workforce and be in the running for some extra treats, view our open job roles today; we’re always on the scout for smart, positive and talented individuals to join our ever-growing team! You can contact us via the form below, or ring us on 01603 515007 today.

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