We've Been Invited to a Careers Day at Cromer Junior School

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Netmatters to visit Cromer School for Careers Day

At Netmatters, we receive a lot of enquiries about our junior web developer training. This one however was different. Early last month we received a hand-written letter from a Year 6 pupil at Cromer Junior School.

Letter from Cromer Junior School to Netmatters

The school told us they were holding a careers event at the end of March. The goal was for pupils to learn how they could turn their ambitions into exciting careers, and how education can help them realise their goals. In preparation for the event the children were asked to write to local businesses asking them to attend. As you can imagine, we were very happy to receive one of these letters and we responded right away.

 We are very happy to hear that you are interested in becoming a web designer! 
In response to your question, we would recommend focusing on ICT as a start. There is lots to learn about web technology, but the best web designers are creative too. The industry needs creative people like you to think of bigger and better things.
The most important part of being a web designer is to be dedicated, as there are many different parts of this role.
As long as you remain enthusiastic and ready to learn new things, with the right training and support we have no doubt you will succeed.

Web development isn’t just about technical skills, it’s about creativity and new ideas. That’s why it is so important to encourage young people to enter fields that require out-of-the-box thinking. We wanted to emphasise that regardless of a person’s experience or qualifications, if they work hard and maintain a positive attitude their talents will be recognised and developed.

Netmatters will be attending the Cromer Junior School Careers Day on Tuesday the 26th March. We will be talking to the Year 6 students about the Scion Coalition Scheme. The scheme is a fantastic entry point for young people who are eager to kick-start a career in software development.

Eastern Daily Press Business Awards Winner for Skills of Tomorrow

We started the Scion Coalition Scheme last year as part of our efforts to close skills gaps in Norfolk’s tech community. We set out to find candidates who had the determination and raw potential to succeed. With the help of sponsorship opportunities provided by local companies, we ended 2018 with 12 Scions are continuing to grow. Our Scions come from every background you can imagine, from recent graduates to people with an established career looking for a new direction. Our work was recognised as the Norfolk Business Awards 2018, in which we won the Skills of Tomorrow Award. 

Are you a motivated self-starter looking to pursue a career in software development? Our Scion Coalition Scheme could be the start of many exciting ventures for you. If you think you have the raw potential to make the most of this opportunity, contact us via the form below, or ring us on 01603 515007 today.

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