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Various devices showing the new Netmatters website

It’s our great pleasure to announce the launch of the brand new Netmatters website.

Due to the unprecedented growth of the business, after just several short years, we felt that we had quite simply outgrown our previous websites.

“As the business continues to grow and evolve, it’s essential that our website and our systems are able to grow with us, whilst continuing to accurately represent the brand’s core ethos and values”, said James Gulliver, Managing Director.

After conducting detailed data-analysis over a period of several months, it had also come to light that holding separate sites for each arm of the business was actually beginning to prove an inefficiency for users. With a large proportion of our customer base choosing to capitalise on our wide-array of services, working with us across multiple facets of the business - including IT Support, Web Design, Software Development and Digital Marketing - combining all services under one group website was the logical development.

In planning, designing and implementing a new overarching site, it was essential that a clean design, intuitive menu and improved functionality was adhered to throughout. The result is simple navigation and flow across the website, allowing visitors to easily gain service information and insight, with minimum effort.

As mobile search continues to leapfrog desktop activity, we ensured our website was designed from a ‘mobile-first’ perspective. So, whether you’re visiting the website on your tablet, mobile or when you’re in the office, we can guarantee our website will be easy to navigate and interact with.

Alongside the website development, we have also continued to expand on our range of business solutions. With the ever-growing importance for businesses to adapt, in-line with the imminent GDPR regulations - as well as increased cyber security threats - we have introduced a line of bespoke Cyber Security services. Catering to business specific needs, we will review, recommend and implement the necessary changes to ensure your company stays secure – and GDPR compliant – at all time; alleviating the possibility of receiving some hefty fines.

The website launch arrives just in time for the New Year, to further complement the ambitious growth plans for 2018.

James is delighted with the launch and firmly believes it to be a vital tool, ensuring we’re able to stay connected with our clients; “I am very pleased with the look and feel of the site. It works towards better showing how we operate, what we do and how we achieve our client’s objectives much more effectively than our previous websites.”

If you have any questions, you can contact us via the form below, or ring us on 01603 515007 today.

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