Rebecca Brine - Netmatters 5 Year Legend

Posted by Netmatters

Today we celebrate the remarkable achievements of Rebecca Brine as she takes centre stage, championing the Netmatters Long Service Award and becomes our latest ‘Legend’!

Rebecca embarked on her Netmatters journey as a Web Project Manager, and over the course of the last 5 years, her dedication, hard work, and leadership skills have propelled her into the role of Senior Web Project Manager.

Rebecca possesses an innate meticulous attention to detail, passion for excellence, and unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards. Living the T.R.U.E values of Netmatters, Rebecca embodies these values in every aspect of her work.

Now, as a Senior Web Project Manager, Rebecca plays a pivotal role in the company's project landscape. Whether it is a large-scale web development project or a more nuanced digital endeavour, Rebecca ensures that each project is completed to the highest standard of quality.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Rebecca for the past 5 years, she has a great work ethic and truly cares about delivering the best for her clients and their businesses. Rebecca is an asset to the Project Management Team and will always put a smile on your face when she is around. I look forward to working with Rebecca for the next 5 years and beyond! Keep up the good work!”. - Samantha Lupton

A massive “Thank you” from everyone here at Netmatters for all your hard work and dedication Rebecca, and congratulations on becoming a certified legend!

To celebrate Rebecca’s 5-year Legend status, Netmatters have planted a further 250 trees in our Ecologi Forest to help improve our Carbon Footprint. Check out the latest progress of our Ecologi Scheme.

The ‘Long Service Award’ is just one of the ways that we ensure that all our employees feel valued for their hard work and dedication.

Netmatters are always looking to hire bright and talented individuals, so if you’d like an informal chat – even if we’re not advertising for your specific role – don’t hesitate to send your CV and cover letter.

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