November Notables 2022

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September Notables 2022

Each month, various departments recognise those employees who have excelled in their work and helped Netmatters deliver excellent service to our clients. Our T.R.U.E values are how we started as a company, and we continue to strive to uphold these values as we grow. November was another busy month for Netmatters, with some great contributions from team members along the way.

Our teams have continued to meet and exceed our expectations, driving results both internally and externally. As a company, we love to celebrate each success to ensure that every employee gets the recognition they deserve.

Congratulations Rebecca Moore

Stepping up and dealing with some difficult challenges with professionalism and discretion. - James Gulliver
These two absolutely smash through tasks, and to a high quality too! Nothing is too much trouble to ask, and you know it’ll be done if it's assigned! It’s really exciting to see their two very different roles growing and evolving, but always with a smile! – Bethany Shakespeare
Becky is always willing to help in any way she can and is always so lovely to deal with. She has provided reception/admin cover on a number of occasions throughout November without complaint and has settled really well into the HR role – James Street

Our November 2022 Notables

Tessa Dempsey - For her work on the Brand and Marketing of Netmatters in preparation for her return in January – James Gulliver

Sam Driver - Quietly delivering excellent development work on the Netmatters admin system. – James Gulliver

Craig Ross – Has secured a bounty of new phone systems over the last month, far surpassing targets. Superb performance well done! – Elliott Peacock

Jamie Sutherland – Has delivered a steady stream of new clients to NM over recent months but notably really stepping up to have a strong end to 2022, surpassing targets, whilst consciously working hard to improve other sides of his game – really good work! – Elliott Peacock

Aaron Cook – Goes above and beyond to help and provide valuable insight across everything he is tasked or needed to be involved in. – Elliott Peacock

Simon Wright – Providing valuable assistance and expertise on new client meetings. Always willing to go the extra yard to ensure a positive resolve and client satisfaction. – Elliott Peacock

Mark Harrison – Notable improvements in his work quality and output – delivering much improved lead quality and quantity. – Elliott Peacock

Ollie Thompson – A really thorough and enthusiastic approach to our marketing, seeing his determination and efforts result in improved lead quality. Really valuable work! Keep it up! – Elliott Peacock

Millie Pankhurst - Gripping the finance process of the business, she is refining what we do as part of the daily process of completing the work. She is giving me more time to work on other things by picking off recurring tasks that have traditionally been with myself. The accounts department is ticking along nicely in the background, with very little noise extending out. Good job Millie. – Chris Gulliver

Bethany Shakespeare - Never a dull day In HR, lots to take on and consider new legislation, and stringent processes to follow.  Bethany is keeping on top of things by working with our External HR consultant and ACAS to ensure our processes are solid. Lots to learn in HR and is ever-changing, I have been very impressed with Bethany’s approach to dealing with her workload she is very professional, considered, and diligent. – Chris Gulliver

Chris Waldie - Been doing some work with Chris recently, I have always liked how he approaches things - his input is well-considered (technically and commercially). We make better decisions with Chris’s input. Thanks, Chris – Chris Gulliver

Courtney Noel – These two absolutely smash through tasks, and to a high quality too! Nothing is too much trouble to ask, and you know it’ll be done if it's assigned! It’s really exciting to see their two very different roles growing and evolving, but always with a smile! – Bethany Shakespeare

Courtney Noël – Courtney had a tight deadline on a big piece of project work in November. She managed her time well and got it completed quickly, without falling behind on her day-to-day responsibilities – James Street

Kieran Sprouse – For the work, he has put in, and the level of understanding he has demonstrated, whilst dealing with a number of long and complex data protection forms a client has asked us to complete ahead of a SharePoint migration project – James Street

Rob Anthony - Doing a great job having taken over as tech lead, getting projects up and running with relatively tight deadlines with changing requirements. – Simon Wright

Bethany Shakespeare - She's always super helpful and solves problems super efficiently. Her work is very much appreciated – Simon Wright

Keenan Teolis - Has a very keen eye for investigating issues and planning the best methods to fix them. He handles everything thrown at him with grace and elegance – Simon Wright

A huge congratulations to all of those nominated for our November notables - keep up the brilliant standard of work! The Notable Employee Scheme is just one of a range of benefits here at Netmatters, available to all employees.

If you would like to be a part of our fantastic team and be in the running for some extra treats each month, view our open job vacancies today. We’re currently on the lookout for intelligent, motivated individuals to join our ever-growing team!

You can always contact us via the form below, or ring us on 01603 704020 today.

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