Happy 30th Birthday Elliott!

James Gulliver
Posted by James Gulliver

Happy 30th Birthday Elliott Peacock!

The Netmatters employee who turned 30

Today we would all like to wish Elliott Peacock a very happy birthday for reaching the ‘ripe old age’ of thirty years old!  This is one of those birthdays which is considered to be a milestone by many, welcomed by some but not by all, however, this seems like something Elliot will take in his stride much like his role within the company.

Joining Netmatters in 2014 as a Business Development Manager, Elliott quickly settled into the role and established himself as a professional within his field. His knowledge and wealth of experience made themselves apparent in no time at all which ultimately led to his promotion to Business Development Director in 2016.

We would like to thank Elliott for all of the hard work he has done and continues to do so on a daily basis, as well as ensuring that every experience our customers have, is a positive one. Thus upholding one of our core values; focusing on strong, transparent relationships and positive end-to-end experiences for all.

Celebrating notable life achievements is just one of the many things we like to get involved with our staff over, if something is important to you, it is important to us.

We provide a wide range of career opportunities, and as the company continues to grow, so does our search for talented individuals who wish to achieve excellence. If you think you may be the right candidate and wish to join one of the county’s fastest growing businesses, get in touch via the form below, or by ringing 01603 515007.

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