Happy 30th Birthday Drew!

Posted by Netmatters

Drew is 30

Happy 30th Birthday Drew!

Drew joined us in April 2012 and since then has become a valuable member of our web development team. He always approaches work with enthusiasm and dedication to achieve the best for both our customers and the web team as a whole. He tackles all issues head on and always provides an expert, well delivered service on behalf of Netmatters.

"Drew has been with Netmatters for over 7 years and has established himself as a key member of the team. He's always willing to share his knowledge with the rest of the team, and is never shy to bring a bit of humour to the department! Happy 30th Drew."  - Josh Ralph, Web Development Manager

At Netmatters, we like to celebrate notable milestones in the lives of every member of our ever-growing team. It also gives us the opportunity to 'sing their praises' and recognise their invaluable skills and all the hard work they do.

A big thank you from us goes to Drew for his continued support within his role. We hope that he has a great birthday!

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