February Notables 2023

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February Notables 2023

Each month, various departments recognise those employees who have excelled in their work and helped Netmatters deliver excellent service to our clients. Our T.R.U.E values are how we started as a company, and we continue to strive to uphold these values as we grow. February was another busy month for Netmatters, with some great contributions from team members along the way.

Our teams have continued to meet and exceed our expectations, driving results both internally and externally. As a company, we love to celebrate each success to ensure that every employee gets the recognition they deserve.

Congratulations Courtney Noël

Courtney Noël – Having taken on additional accounts responsibilities, Courtney continues to perform at a high level and smash her way through tasks. - James Street
Courtney Noël – Courtney is smashing her role and absolutely nailing the workflow. Proving time and time again, she is excellent at getting tasks closed out. Courtney is a pleasure to work with and have as part of the team – Millie Pankhurst
Courtney Noël – Courtney is a very competent person with a “can do” attitude. She is fun to work with and really does get stuff done. - James Gulliver

Our February 2023 Notables

Jonathan Haylock – Jon has been doing a great job taking on a mixture of new projects of varying types. He has also been delivering massive benefits to a customer of ours who had a need for external project management resource to steady the ship after they launched a new off-the-shelf business management system and had been facing numerous issues affecting their manufacturing process. Jon has been travelling to the customer's site once a week and also providing regular updates to stakeholders and ensuring priorities are managed effectively to ensure progress on resolving the outstanding issues. – Tom Lancaster

James Binding – James was incredibly helpful in helping resolve an emergency issue with one of our customers which was preventing their entire logistics process. He worked closely with the technical lead and communicated well with the project manager to ensure we resolved the problem as quickly as possible whilst still ensuring the correct testing and process was adhered to. – Tom Lancaster

Samantha Lupton – Sam is always happy to help out others and step in wherever she can lend a hand to those in the Project Management team. She is keen to take on extra responsibilities and learn new ones, and delivers them with enthusiasm and care. – Tom Lancaster

Ash Ward – Ash has taken on the responsibility of tech lead for several new projects recently, and has also been key in helping develop some very promising opportunities for new work too. Ash’s approach to customers' problems and his way of finding and communicating solutions is fantastic, and it is a huge help to the project management and account management team when they are working with him. – Tom Lancaster

Alex Jones - Alex is continuously conscientious of others' working environments and ensures to support and assist if ever required in a friendly and welcoming manner – Bethany Shakespeare

Jamie Slater – Jamie is a constant positive and helpful resource within the IT department! Always happy to guide and get involved, and doing great work as our Beach Boys POD leader! – Bethany Shakespeare

Craig Ross – Craig brings so many good vibes to any office he walks into! His skills have now been split between departments, and we are excited to see where his journey will lead! – Bethany Shakespeare

Oliver Thompson – Ollie is doing some excellent work on the Netmatters account and other client works. He has a positive can-do attitude that gets stuff done. A very effective person and a great member of the team – James Gulliver

Alex Jones – All of Alex's interactions are positive and efficient. He communicates excellently and delivers a great service for our telecoms clients – James Gulliver

Lewis Wilby - For his insight and perseverance in the challenge of bringing a client codebase up to date, and going above and beyond for the client. – Simon Wright

Keenan Teolis - For leading a recent client site migration and handling it amazingly, with great care and attention. – Simon Wright

Sam Driver – Sam is always ready to give a detailed and concise response to any query passed his way. His knowledge and grasp of the admin system is incredible and combined with a friendly, happy-to-help attitude. – Millie Pankhurst

Callum Laxon – For his attitude towards continuous improvement through the raising of numerous Issue With Procedure tasks, all helping to ensure we provide the clients the best possible service. Keep it up Callum! – James Street

Richard Phillips – Solid pair of hands, always available to help and happy to muck in with onsite work – Robert George

Matthew Chapman - For his work on emergency tasks, either running them himself or tagging in as the hero, helping whenever things get interesting and always having something useful to add to the conversation. – Robert George

Josh Kimble – Has gone above and beyond with his commitment to completing the remaining Hales Audits. So far, Josh has travelled 808 miles to visit remote sites all over the UK with many more to go, staying at hotels away from his family to get the job done. Good work Josh! – Robert George

Jamie Slater – Going above and beyond in helping resolve a WiFi project and showing composure with a demanding client. – Robert George

Josh Kimble – Putting in one hell of a shift in completing the Hales audits – he is on the road for prolonged periods, the length and breadth of the country, delivering this sizeable and important project. – Elliott Peacock

A huge congratulations to all of those nominated for our February notables - keep up the brilliant standard of work! The Notable Employee Scheme is just one of a range of benefits here at Netmatters, available to all employees.

If you would like to be a part of our fantastic team and be in the running for some extra treats each month, view our open job vacancies today. We’re currently on the lookout for intelligent, motivated individuals to join our ever-growing team!

You can always contact us via the form below, or ring us on 01603 704020 today.

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