December Notables 2023 – Celebrating Our Team

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15th January 2024

At Netmatters, recognising and appreciating the hard work and achievements of our team members is a fundamental aspect of our company culture. Each month, every department dedicates time to applaud the outstanding contributions of individuals who have gone above and beyond to deliver high-quality work and exceptional services to our clients.

Guided by our T.R.U.E values, which serve as the core of our business culture, November has been host to some remarkable performances across all the departments, with individuals surpassing expectations through their diligent efforts and collaborative teamwork.

Celebrating a culture of continuous learning, adaptability, and achievement, we take pride in reflecting on the accomplishments of the month, cheering on the successes of both our teams and individual contributors. We believe it is paramount that everyone is seen, heard, and acknowledged with the honours that they truly deserve.

To begin this month's notables, we start with a …

Congratulations to Rhys Douglas!

 “Rhys is doing a great job in his new role. He is becoming a force of positivity and a consummate team player.” - James Gulliver, MD 
Rhys has settled into the IT Admin role well and is already starting to make it his own. Rhys is polite, pleasant to chat to and is always willing to help in any way he can. Keep up the great work, Rhys!” - James Street, Operations Manager 
Rhys has settled into his new role really well, showing a great attention to detail and diligence to his work.” - Robert George, Director 

Introducing Our Other December Notables

Aaron Cook: “Putting in tremendous effort regarding new products/offerings for Telecoms whilst reviewing the latest upcoming updates and relaying all the required information back to the telecoms team to ensure we can provide best advice internally and to our customer. Alex Jones, Head of Telecoms 

Devon Maidment: “Devon did a great job helping me with two pitches in December, both of which she performed well and contributed highly to in  Devon, keep it up. - Jim Palmer, Director 

Bethany Shakespeare and Becky Moore: “For organising a host of engagement activities throughout December, while still dealing with their normal workloads.” James Street, Operations Manager    

Bethany Shakespeare and Becky MooreWe’ve had some challenges recruiting for the NBO team due to some pretty high standards and the incredible bar set by Josh and Mark. The HR team have helped us re-work the adverts, contact new specialised recruiters and we’re seeing a flood of good candidates being interviewed within the department. Real proof we can be agile and work together to achieve some fantastic results.” Tessa Dempsey, Brand Manager 

Will Thompson: “Showing a real positivity to his work and ensuring workload is managed.” - Robert George, Director 

Jake Rackham: “Always taking on feedback really well and actioning improvements.” - Robert George, Director 

James Street: “James is doing a great job managing a varied workload.” - James Gulliver, MD 

James Howard: “James is working hard to learn the ropes and taking feedback well.” - James Gulliver, MD 

Michael Grimshaw: “Working hard on a large-scale project to deliver on the client’s goals with a professional attitude and covering  Simon Wright, Software Development Manager    

Michael Grimshaw“Doing an excellent job of interpreting and creating solutions for intricate client needs. - Elliott Peacock, Director 

Kayleigh Hall: “Ever vigilant, consistently raising solutions to problems and always helpful in a critical situation.” Simon Wright, Software Development Manager 

Emily Mackley: “Managing some large and challenging projects in a cool, calm and controlled manner, always ensuring the clients’ needs are prioritised.” - Elliott Peacock, Director 

Sam Driver: “Sam is always happy to help, continues to deliver excellent work and is a real asset to the Knights of the SQL Table squadbut also to Netmatters. He’s been quick to change over to some unfamiliar customer work which has a tight deadline, jumping straight in and grasping the requirements very quickly with very little noise. Not only is Sam a wizard on the Netmatters admin system, he’s also a great Technical Lead on one of our biggest customers1st Choice Insulations. He is always bringing a lot to the table within customer meetings and providing the best technical support to them! - Tom Lancaster, Director 

Dieter Harper: “Dieter has helped his POD pick up complex projects midway through to ensure they were delivered on timeand he completed these to the highest standard. He is always the first to lend a hand to help out - nothing is ever too much to ask. He instantly builds positive relationships with clients new and old and ensures they are informed every step of the way. - Tom Lancaster, Director 

Rob Anthony: “Rob is always positive and happy to help no matter how. He has been  Tom Lancaster, Director 

Callum Laxon: “Always willing to help and has been instrumental in developing his fellow PMs and IT Service Management department by leading by example. Tom Lancaster, Director 

Simon Wright: “Simon’s continuous commitment to a positive, focused, and driven work ethic never fails to amaze! His work is always of the highest standard, no matter how busy he is, alongside a long-standing commitment to improvements within the Web Development department. A great asset to the company! Bethany Shakespeare, Head of HR 

Ollie Thompson: “Regarding our recent review of contentOllie had done a lot of research and strategizing, and I’ve been really impressed with what he came up withIt’s a really intelligent, data lead approach which I think will contribute massively to us achieving our goals in 2024.” - Tessa Dempsey, Brand Manager 

Celebrating Your Achievements

A huge congratulations to every single December notable. Keep up the excellent work and keep demonstrating the T.R.U.E Netmatters values! 

If you would like to be a part of our fantastic team and be in the running for some extra treats through our notable employee scheme each month, view our open job vacancies today. Discover our benefits and get rewarded for your efforts by joining a team that champions excellence. 

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