Become a developer for FREE: Bury St Edmunds

Tessa Dempsey
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Become a software developer for FREE

Become a developer for FREE: Bury St Edmunds

Despite digital adoption being a way of life for the younger generation, the number of students taking a technically lead course and then successfully turning it into a career is low. Those already in careers are also finding it difficult to make the jump from a position of job security into a new challenge without the relevant support.

Because of this, the opportunities to take up a specialised skill like web development are very limited across East Anglia and those with a passion for the topic are missing out on the chance to expand their skill set.

2 years ago, we launched our Scion Scheme in Norfolk to address this problem and provide a programme that encouraged people of all ages to pursue their passions and now we are taking it to the next location to reach more people, Bury St Edmunds.

Our New Location:

If you are located in the Bury St Edmunds area and you have been looking for a way to build your web development career but frustrated by the options available, our FREE, web development course could the perfect opportunity for you.

In partnership with the European Social Fund, we have 8, fully-funded places available for eager students to make the most of, meaning you can learn for free in a professional environment that will drive your learning. We also have more places available through the Department of Work and Pensions and self-funded options, meaning it is open to all!

All of the available places are located at our centralised, Bury St Edmunds office, allowing us to provide a programme for people in the area that wasn’t there before, but also, serve up fully trained web developers to local companies.

The Scion Programme?

The intensive, hands-on programme gets candidates working within a commercial software development team. We ensure there is a balance between development tasks, confidence building and the teaching of other skills required to succeed as a developer with the support and skills of expert professionals. 

The course takes between 3 and 6 months to complete, working 40 hours a week Monday-Friday and is open to applicants of any age. Since the course began, we have seen a 95% success rate across the board, with all of our students going on to full-time employment - some have even stayed with us here at Netmatters and are now vital to the success of our web development team.

This course will work in exactly the same way as our existing scheme through online learning, surrounded by other students and professionals who will be able to assist you throughout your development. Our team will also guide you with other skills required to aid you in securing employment such as CV writing, interview techniques and mock interview role play to prepare you for the real thing.

How to Apply:

We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated and keen people of any age, who are looking to start or change their career into one with web development to join us. No previous experience is required and full training will be given.   

You will be treated the same as any other Netmatters employee, and will receive benefits such as acquired holiday time along with company events and access to our facilities which include a gym.

If you are interested in becoming the first to enjoy our new Bury St Edmunds location, we want to hear from you. All applications can be sent here or contact us using the form below and our team will review your submission. Successful applicants will be invited to participate in a trial day and from there, a final decision will be made. 

We are working hard to bridge the digital skills gap across the East of England in collaboration with the DWP and our sponsors who support the scheme. This is the latest step forward in our mission and we can’t wait to see the results.

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