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Each month here at Netmatters, we like to show our appreciation to the employees who surpass all expectations. It becomes harder to single out one employee who has excelled the most because our team continually strives to reach all targets and deliver exceptional results.

The Notable of Notables is presented to a member of staff who has taken it upon himself to train in his own time, in order to complete a significant number of Google certifications. Not only this, he was also responsible for the Netmatters time lapse video which has had over 8000 views on Facebook alone. This month, the award is presented to Chris Wiseman.

The Most Notable of Notable Employees

Chris Wiseman

The most notable Netmatters employee in May

Since starting at Netmatters, Chris has continued to excel with his out of hours training and has gained a number of significant Google certifications. Not only does he work hard to ensure the clients objectives are met but has been an instrumental part of the team - helping peers to ensure we are delivering the highest possible standard for our clients. - Lydia Whitney

Chris Wiseman - "He was also responsible for the Netmatters time lapse video which has had 8000 views on Facebook alone! Well done Chris!"- James Gulliver

This Month’s Other Notable Employee Nominations:

James Mackay - He has done an excellent job at delivering an excellent service for a high end client. James and his team are ensuring the customer gets the best advice and value for their money - James Gulliver

Robert George – Rob does an excellent job at running an extremely busy department, whilst maintaining composure and diligence. - James Gulliver

Ola Lawal - Ola has been a superstar whilst working on GDPR projects. Ola worked as many hours as possible to get our clients projects ready for the of 25th May deadline and has gone above and beyond in many cases. She managed herself and her time and her time professionally and certainly deserves to be recognised. - Chris Gulliver

Dave Mclean - Dave has had very positive feedback from 5 or 6 separate clients recently. His attitude and willingness to help our clients has been praised on a regular basis. Keep up the good work. – Daniel Clark

Matt Hurst - Since joining, Matt has formed good working relationships with his clients. Feedback received says Matt is polite, keen to help and explains in detail what he is doing to resolve issues. He is happy to take on extra responsibility and keeps calm under pressure. – Rob George

Michael Grimshaw - For this glowing recommendation from a senior developer: "Michael has been excellent since leaving the scion program. He takes on every challenge with any advice and completes tasks to high standards. He takes feedback and criticism and uses these to enhance his skills. If he continues at this rate, he will become a senior developer in no time at all. He is now helping the new generation of scions and we look forward to what he can achieve in the next 6 months." – Adam Greer

A massive pat on the back to all of our nominees this month! The Notable Employee Scheme is just one of many benefits that the company offers to all employees. If you would like to join our growing team and be in the running for some extra goodies, get in touch with us today; we’re always on the scout for fresh talent to join our exceptional workforce!

If you'd like to join our team, you can contact us via the form below, or ring us on 01603 515007 today.

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