March Notable Employees

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Every month at Netmatters we like to award our Notable Employees with an award! This is just one of the ways we like to show our employees we appreciate all the hard work and time they have put into the company. This month, we'd like to highlight the fantastic work completed by Faizel Desai.

The most Notable of Notable Employees

Faizel Desai

We'd like to recognise and show appreciation for the incredible amount of effort and high quality work he has produced in his new hybrid role of Account and Project Manager. He has provided great clarity between clients and the relevant departments. Frank has effectively adapted to everyone's requirements to produce outstanding results for multiple clients, alongside being open-minded to new ideas and encouraging the progression of them.

This Month's Notable Employee Nominations are:

Ashley Hewitt - For providing exceptional advice and guidance for both colleagues and clients to help pursue the best return on investment.

Adam Wilson - He has constantly proven his true value to the business, approaching all projects with a fantastic mindset and opened the minds of many.

Riji Drewett - For exceptional work produced during recent projects providing new search functionalities alongside continually surpassing client expectations.

Josh Ralph - He has recently taken on a new role, raising the standards and implementing new ideas for his team that are proving to work well.

Harry Eke - For providing a great service on the 2nd Line Team and he has recently broadened his IT skills to accommodate for more challenging projects.

Simon Wright - Simon has always produced quality work and has excelled with client relationships demonstrating valuable insights.

Stuart Elliot - For displaying an inspiring amount of dedication to his work, often working into the night to develop new and improved systems.

Tyler Smith — A rather recent addition to the team, Tyler is already an up and coming superstar. He demonstrates a keen motivation to succeed and thrive here at Netmatters. Takes feedback professionally and positively.

Chris Gulliver - Chris has rapidly acted upon a complication for all our Telecoms clients, providing a fast and long term solution.

James Gulliver - Has always provided excellent customer service, ensuring clients are always fully informed and the best solution is in place.

Ian Gilkes - For his ability to manage his large workload effectively and efficiently while promoting new ways to improve service delivery for our clients.

Scott Aldridge - Scott always demonstrates a real positive attitude towards his work and perseveres in providing the best end result for all his projects.

Chris Raby - He has delivered excellent work under challenging conditions and has always been a real team player.

If you would like to join our growing team and be in the running for some extra goodies, you can contact us via the form below, or ring us on 01603 515007 today. - we're always on the lookout for great people to join us!

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