June Notable Employees

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On a monthly basis here at Netmatters, we like to show our appreciation to the employees who surpass all expectations. Each department head will acknowledge one employee who has stood out amongst the crowd over the last month, and nominate them as a candidate for the ‘Notable of Notables’ award.

The Notable of Notables is presented to a member of staff who has developed within his role on a daily basis, managing a diverse work load. He has a good grip on what is happening within the department, he is supportive of the entire technical team and deals with anything which comes his way. This month's Notable of Notables is awarded to Rob George.

The Most Notable of Notable Employees

Rob George

Most notable Netmatters employee in June

Rob has done an excellent job of ensuring our customers receive a good standard of service. He has shown fantastic resilience and has implemented change for the better within the IT department for the benefit of all. - James Gulliver

Rob George - "Rob has been front line for the out of hours support service, feeding back so this can be tuned. A safe pair of hands, which is exactly what’s needed in the service manager role."- Chris Gulliver

This Month’s Other Notable Employee Nominations:

Matt Hurst - Again, we have had some really positive feedback from clients with how Matt is dealing with their accounts. He is always really polite, happy to help and staying true to our company values. – Rob George

Sean Fulcher – Sean has really advanced over the past couple of months, taking on more responsibility and developing his knowledge. Keep up the good work Sean! - Rob George

Richard Dent - Richard has performed in-depth security Metrix work for PCI compliance, he has been working with two of our largest IT clients to assist them with their PCI compliance. Richard has worked with the technical teams onsite at the client locations in a consultancy capacity making a plan and working towards getting both clients PCI rubber stamped. Excellent work Richard, this is exactly the type of higher level IT consultancy Netmatters is aiming to deliver to our clients. - Chris Gulliver

Bethany Shakespeare - Bethany has proved to be an excellent addition to the team, she is bright and conscientious , she has had to learn quickly and is happy to get stuck in and embrace her role. Brilliant work Bethany – Chris Gulliver

Lydia Whitney Matt Hird - The dream duo have taken the digital marketing product offering to new levels of performance through good housekeeping and strategic thinking. I can only see this department growing rapidly now we have this team in place - James Gulliver

Ash Ward Chris Raby - Ash has hit the ground running on his first BMS build and has done a superb job. He’s asking all the right questions, to all the right people, but not before putting in some effort to find the solution himself. Within a matter of months he’s managed to find the right blend that can sometimes take years. On the few occasions he has needed help, Chris Raby has been stepping in with assistance and is demonstrating how you can help someone without doing it for them. – Adam Greer

Matt Hird - Matt has been really instrumental in numerous recent business development opportunities. His approach to any task, client or challenge is always one of immense positivity and enthusiasm. He takes things on last minute and delivers them in a composed and confident manner, and always to very high standards. Great work! – Elliot Peacock

A huge congratulations to all of our nominees this month! The Notable Employee Scheme is just one of many benefits that Netmatters offers to all employees. If you would like to join our expanding organisation and be in the running for some extra goodies, get in touch with us today; we’re always on the scout for bright and talented individuals to join our exceptional workforce!

If you'd like to join our team, you can contact us via the form below, or ring us on 01603 515007 today.

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