July Notable Employees

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Each month, Netmatters like to recognise an employee to show our appreciation to the hard work by an individual who surpasses all expectations set. Each department head will acknowledge one employee who has stood out amongst the crowd over the last month, and nominate them as a candidate for the ‘Notable of Notables’ award.

The Notable of Notables is presented to a member of staff who has delivered some fantastic work for a client in recent months. We are no producing reports offering live time financial data ensuring their business can run smoothly, and she has been instrumental in this. This month's Notable of Notables is awarded to Kayleigh Hall.

The Most Notable of Notable Employees

Kayleigh Hall

Netmatters most notable employee in July

Kayleigh has been fantastic in her management of the Scion Development Program. She is meeting deadlines, pulling more than her weight and even going to external venues to perform talks about the Scion Program. Well done Kayleigh! - James Gulliver

Kayleigh Hall - "Kayleigh has been fantastic in her management of the Scion Development Program"- James Gulliver

This Month’s Other Notable Employee Nominations:

Matt Hird - Matt's been an instrumental part of the Netmatters team in recent months. Not only has he helped transform the digital offerings by overseeing client strategies, but has been a key player with helping win several new clients and ensuring the digital team are continuing to provide the best possible service for the client every time. – Lydia Whitney

Sam Stark – Sam has been doing a fantastic job along with Kayleigh, managing the Scion Development Program. - James Gulliver

Rob Gray & Matt Harrop - For both of these gentlemen, going above and beyond over the last few weeks ensuring we manage all customers’ expectations despite being overloaded is just one of the reasons for their nomination.- James Gulliver

Bethany Shakespeare - Bethany is settling in really well and getting her jobs done without fuss or drama. Very well done! – James Gulliver

Jimmy Wright - Jimmy has done some fantastic work on a stock management system for a client. He has really understood what the customer needs from the system both short term and with consideration for the future. Keep up the good work Jimmy! - Tom Lancaster

Edmund Morron - Now that Ed has been aligned with the development team, its clear to see how well he has progressed in the Scion Program. He has impressed in recent weeks gaining a clear, solid understanding of the different languages he is learning and solving problems with minimal help. He has a bright future and is certainly a great addition to the team – Adam Greer & Josh Ralph

Tyler Smith - Tyler recently switched PODs in IT and since the move, his work quality has vastly improved. He is working with more senior technicians in his current POD and as such is learning a lot on the job. Keep up the good work Tyler! – Rob George

Adam Burns - Adam is doing a great job at managing his POD, ensuring that we are giving our customers a positive end to end experience and that we are continually working within our company values. – Rob George

Richard Dent - Richard has been working hard with a client to ensure they are PCI compliant. This is a big project with many moving parts, however, he has already made big improvements for the client. – Rob George

A huge pat on the back to all of the nominees this month! The Notable Employee Scheme is just one of many benefits that Netmatters offers to all employees. If you would like to join our growing business and be in the running for some extra goodies, get in touch with us today; we’re always on the scout for intelligent and talented individuals to join our outstanding workforce!  You can contact us via the form below, or ring us on 01603 515007

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