IT Grants for Small Businesses

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IT Grants for Small Businesses

It feels as though a new Brexit announcement comes every day. Three years on from the referendum and there's still plenty of uncertainty for SMEs.

What Exactly Are The Implications For Small Businesses?

For those who trade with the European Union, rules are changing to ensure that necessary actions are taken before we officially leave the EU. One change that will affect many small businesses is the need to complete custom declarations as part of the exporting process.

Will You Need To Fill-In Customs Declarations After Brexit?

Simply, if you’re a business that sends goods outside of the EU, you must complete an export declaration to get your goods through customs.

It must be completed before the goods are exported – if this is not completed effectively, your goods could get stopped at the border, costing your business time, money and resources.

Customs declarations can be a complicated process, especially if the workload of your staff is already stretched. In some instances, software is required to complete this process effectively.

"My Business Doesn't Have The Budget For New Software..."

We understand the struggle businesses face particularly through a time of confusion. 

But, the good news is, has announced that businesses matching certain criteria can apply for grants that will assist in a smooth customs declarations system.

If your business is established in the UK or has a branch here and has not previously failed to meet its tax obligations, you are eligible to apply for one or all of the grants. 

What Grants Are Available To Help Small Businesses?

There are three categories of grants to apply for:

Grants for New Recruitment:

This is given to cover the recruitment and salary costs of new employees who will be assisting with completing custom declarations. This grant gives you £3k per employee but you could also get up to £10k for any employee you recruit before 31/01/2020

Grant for Staff Training:

This covers training to help you or your employees to complete customs declarations and help other businesses with import and export processes. This grant can cover in-house training or training delivered through an external agency. The grant will cover up to 100% of the training costs with a limit of £2,250 per course.

Grants for IT Support and Investment:

This needs to be used to buy software that will aid in the accurate completion of customs declarations. The grant for this is up to €200,000.

How Netmatters Can Help:

To qualify for the IT improvements grant your business must have less than 250 employees with an annual turnover of less than £50 million.  

Whilst you may understand why you need a new digital system and the devices to support that system, if you are not a technically lead business, it can be hard to know what would be the most suitable for you to operate effectively.

Our team of friendly, knowledgeable IT experts are up-to-speed on the new grant scheme and are experienced in delivering business-focused IT and software solutions that save time and money for businesses like yours. Get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about your business and to learn more about how Netmatters can help.

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