What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? – Everything You Need to Know

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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? – Everything You Need to Know

Do you find yourself experiencing challenges in streamlining your business processes, improving financial management, and enhancing overall productivity? Then we have the solution for you.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

In simple terms, Business Central(formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics Navision) is an affordable, custom business management solution for SMEs. It allows you to take all aspects of your operations, sales, customer service, and finances, and manage them from within a singular, easy-to-use platform.

This is a bit of a mouthful, so let us break it down for you:

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Finance & Accounting

With all of your business’ financial records and data spread out over a myriad of Excel spreadsheets, you can waste hours of your time and effort trying to get a clear picture of your business’ performance. With Business Central, you can integrate all of your spreadsheets into one platform, and automatically generate dashboards and displays to provide real-time financial reporting, as well as providing easy access to key business information you want to report on, such as budgets and cash flows.

This all-in-one solution also allows you to securely store key client documents such as quotes and invoices, and can then automatically send these out, helping you save significantly on administrative costs.

Sales & Marketing

Manage all of your sales and marketing functions within one platform, including the seamless integration and management of customer lists, sales funnels, and account management. Instead of managing all of these functions on separate platforms, Business Central brings all of this together in one interface, which you can then integrate with your existing systems, and aforementioned financial functions, allowing you to automatically send key documentation without ever needing a staff member to get involved. This will ensure your sales team are singing from the same hymn sheet and allows you to create custom dashboards to get a clear snapshot of your sales performance without having to dig deep into the numbers.

Stock & Inventory Management

Alongside managing your sales funnel and financials within Microsoft Business Central, you can also manage the supply side of your business from within the same system, without the need for a separate inventory software. Your stock/inventory can be managed completely within the system, allowing for the automated reordering of items, as well as a comprehensive breakdown of the financials.

Tasks such as this would usually require heavy involvement from staff members, but with Business Central’s automated functionality, you can ensure that you always maintain the necessary supply of products without needing to lift a finger. The use of custom dashboards also means you can seamlessly keep track of spend, saving significant time and manpower.

These examples simply highlight some of the tools you will have at your disposal, but with a wealth of integrations and customisable functions, you can really mould this platform to the requirements of your organisation – giving you one central hub to efficiently manage your business.

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Why Is Business Central the Best Solution for My Business?

Affordable Ownership Cost - Business Central is available through a monthly subscription, keeping expenses manageable and making it the perfect tool for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Flexible and Scalable – Unlike an off-the-shelf solution, this system can be custom-built to the needs of your business and will also not require extensive licensing costs as you look to add new features or recruit more staff.

Smooth Integrations - Business Central seamlessly integrates with Microsoft applications, such as Excel and Word, allowing you to securely store and leverage the data that is key to your business.

Accessible from Anywhere – You can access the platform from both your desktop and through a mobile app, meaning that you are your staff have full control over the business anytime, anywhere.

Automated Functions – The aforementioned automated functionality within Business Central allows you to cut long, repetitive tasks from your staff’s workflows, saving hours of time which can instead go towards the work that really matters.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? – Everything You Need to Know

How Do I Get Started?

To ensure that your Business Central build is conducted properly, and meets your requirements, consultation with a technical partner will be key. At Netmatters, we follow a tried and tested 5-step process to ensure that our clients get an end result that best fits their requirements and falls within the budget.

Step 1: Preparation & Planning

We first determine how the system will need to look by understanding how your business works, and what are the key features that you are looking to integrate. We will then map this out into a complete plan for the system.

Step 2: Process Review

We will review the process for meeting these requirements and consult with the client to ensure this hits the mark.

Step 3: Data Management & Preparation

Assessing the current data management situation and creating a plan to transfer some or all of it to the new platform, in addition to reducing the retention of unnecessary information.

We will then look to begin the migration to Business Central by creating and executing a plan for securely transferring all of your data into the system, creating robust integrations that will allow information to automatically pull through into the new platform.

Step 4: Testing & Training

Testing can now commence. This involves running the system concurrently for a period to identify any previously unidentified issues.

Once the system has been set up, we can then commence with rigorous testing by running the system for a period of time. This acts as a stress test to ensure that the solution is efficient and reliable.

Step 5: Rollout & System Hardening

The implementation of the new system involves gathering feedback on issues, managing the update process, and ensuring a backup plan is in place for data management.

If you are looking to get started with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central build, or are just seeking further advice, then our Business Software Consultants are always on hand to help. Book a free, no-strings-attached consultation by calling 01603 704020, or fill in the contact form below.

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