5 Signs You Need a New Content Management System for Your Website

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5 Signs You Need a New Content Management System for Your Website

A Content Management System (CMS) is software that allows you to build and manage a website without having to code. Platforms such as WordPress, Magento, and Shopify allow users to create, publish, and edit content, as well as customise the functionality and layout of a site, all within a user-friendly interface. 

In a competitive digital landscape, having the right CMS is critical to ensuring that your website is up-to-date, and meets the expectations of a modern consumer. 

In this article, we showcase five signs that it’s time to upgrade your CMS:

Limited Ability to Customise Your Site

In 2023, through its helpful content update, Google’s search engine will now prioritise sites that regularly create new and refreshed content that answers common queries and provides value to users. Thus, it is imperative that your CMS allows you to not only produce, edit and upload your own on-page content, but also allows you to tweak elements that affect the usability of your site, such as page layout and calls-to-actions.  

If you are working off an old CMS with limited functionality, you will find it very difficult to rank above your competitors and remain visible. It could also mean you are left reliant on your web developers to manage and update your site, which could result in significant costs.  

At Netmatters, our specialist web developers build sites using a plethora of modern CMS solutions, giving the owner all the functionality they need to not only easily upload or edit on-page content, but also to create new pages and adjust their layouts.

Inability to Scale

Regardless of the business, it is imperative that your CMS has the capacity to grow with you and support any additional functionality you may require in the future. For example, if you would like to sell products or take bookings through your site at some stage, your CMS will need to support the kinds of modern plugins and integrations needed for these functions. 

We find that many clients approach us with big ambitions for where they want to take their website, but their outdated CMS is not up to scratch, and will not allow them to access the valuable functionality that’s available with more modern solutions such as WordPress, Shopify, or Magento. 

Take a look at our case study with a leading solo travel provider, One Traveller, for some ideas of the kinds of unique integrations that are possible when using a modern CMS solution. 

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No Time to Read?

Slow Loading Times

The time it takes each page of your website to load can have a significant effect on your online performance. The majority of online users expect a site to load in less than three seconds, and a further two-second delay can result in over double the number of users exiting your website, as well as Google deprioritising your site in the search engine rankings. 

Whilst a CMS is not solely responsible for site load speeds, an older CMS typically damages these speeds – especially if the owner does not have the ability to optimise on-page content and page templates to maximise performance.

5 Signs You Need a New Content Management System for Your Website

Security Concerns

If your current CMS is outdated, it may not have the latest security features to protect your website from hacking and cyber-attacks. For example, if you have an older version of WordPress that has not been updated in a while, you will not have all of the latest security patches and protection measures – an issue that can also affect older, custom CMS’. 

At Netmatters, our rigorous maintenance procedures ensure that all clients have the most updated security solutions for their CMS to ensure that they are protected against any form of cyber-attack.

Ease of Use

An underappreciated aspect of a good CMS is its ease of use. From experience working with a multitude of digital clients who use a range of different CMS’, it is far more laborious and time-consuming to regularly update a website on an outdated CMS. Whilst older solutions are typically very slow with poor on-page editors and limited preview functionalities, more modern CMS’ such as WordPress and Shopify offer an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive editing tools. This means that your marketing team will be far more efficient with making updates on the site and will be less prone to human error.

How Can Netmatters Help?

With over 40 employed web developers who are experienced in building sites on all modern CMS solutions, Netmatters are in a perfect position to advise on the best CMS for your business requirements. Book an appointment with our specialists in CambridgeNorwich, or Great Yarmouth to discuss your business goals in more detail, and get a better idea of how a modern CMS solution can help you reach your online objectives.

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