Happy 25th Birthday Elliot!

Posted by Netmatters
Happy 25th Birthday Elliot!

Happy 25th Birthday Elliot!

Elliot is a key part of our technical IT support team. He has become a valuable asset to the team, continuously working hard to achieve the best for both our customers and the department. He is praised for his positive attitude towards working and tackles all issues head on with a high level of enthusiasm.

"Elliot has continued to challenge himself in the role and take on more responsibility at Netmatters and has become a well-rounded IT Technician. He has become an asset to the team and we look forward to seeing him develop at Netmatters." Rob George, IT Service Manager

At Netmatters we like to celebrate notable milestones in the lives of every member of our ever-growing teamIt also gives us the opportunity to 'sing their praises' and recognise their invaluable skills and all the hard work they do.

A big thanks from us goes to Elliot for his continued support within his role. We hope that he has a great birthday!

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