End-of-Year Staff Awards 2021

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End of year staff awards 2021

Stepping into a fresh new year, it's important for us to reflect on the simply fantastic work each and every one of our team members have achieved here at Netmatters in 2021. The entirety of the team at Netmatters demonstrated their T.R.U.E values, which stood out in a particularly abnormal year once again. 

The end-of-year staff awards highlight and recognise those who always go the extra mile to achieve fantastic results within their work. We have a variety of awards up for grabs, as we feel it is important to reflect on those who have performed exceptionally throughout the year in different areas.

Welcoming many new recruits across all departments and celebrating the Long Service Award for multiple members in the team during 2021, we've seen the Netmatters family go from strength to strength. Join us in celebrating our annual end-of-year staff awards!

Best Newcomer: Sam Driver

We are only hearing good things about Sam and his positive contributions to various projects. Sam is on a fast track in terms of development and is a real team player showing he can work well with other departments along with providing constructive and detailed feedback.

Notable nominees: Lisa Pollard, Richard Phillips, Sophie Maxam, Elliot Norman, Andrew Murphy, Bradley Sexton

Team Player: Alex Jones

Alex is doing an exceptional job of pushing customer service from a telecoms perspective and has been doing so since he started, he has a fantastic approach when it comes to resolving problems and will work relentlessly to overcome them to ensure that the customer ends up with a seamless transition from their incumbent provider to Netmatters telecoms. 

Notable nominees: Matthew Wastell, James McKay, Ashely Ward, Aaron Cook, Drew Halls, Jim Palmer

Most Improved: Andrew Hogarth

Having joined Netmatters with just a keen interest in IT with some “self-taught” skills, Andrew has shown that from trusting the process and taking onboard constructive feedback with a positive attitude that you can quickly become an important member of the team and develop your technical knowledge. Andrew has a bright future with Netmatters and we really look forward to seeing how he develops. 

Notable nominees: Jake Tuley, Rob Edmonds, Gabriel Hamilton, Leon Burnham, Cory Rogers

Unsung Hero: Matt Hurst

An absolute rock, not just in the IT Department but also for Business Development. Matt’s endeavors to help others with his excellent customer service and technical skills means he is widely regarded as a Hero across multiple departments. 

Notable nominees: Kayleigh Hall, Tessa Dempsy, Joe Trower, Jamie Thurston, Jamie Slater

Most Dependable: Emily Mackley

Working hard and consistently to deliver for clients. delivers consistently quality projects, thinks about things strategically, ensuring the client is always prioritised.

Notable nominees: Simon Wright, Matthew Chapman, Chris Waldie, Josh Ralph, Mark Reilly, Lewis Wilby

Delivering Customer Experience: Aaron Cook

Doing a great job in the deployment of Telecoms work providing fantastic customer service and also being a real team player in helping to resolve issues and improve our service. 

Notable nominees: Jordan Newton, Dieter Harper, Matt Hurst, Dominic Slater, Jamie Sutherland

Most Versatile: Drew Halls

has been doing a great job managing his responsibilities and responding well to high priority issues that have come up. He is always positive and does a great job of ensuring that the project management team are kept abreast of what is going on.

Notable nominees: Lydia Whitney, Bethany Shakespeare, Chris Waldie, Jordan McDowall, James Street

Peer of Peers: Sam Driver

Notable nominees: Dieter Harper, Gary Cullen, Matt Hurst, Cory Rogers, Jordan Newton, Mark Reilly, Michael Grimshaw

Notable of the Year: Bethany Shakespeare

She is a team player and goes above and beyond on a regular basis. She is growing into the HR role enhancing how that department works and bringing her own style to the process, making everyone feel welcome, checking in on new recruits and being available to all staff to answer any questions/queries. Excellent work Bethany, you are a star.

Notable nominees: Matthew Chapman, Simon Wright, Jim Palmer, Chris Waldie, Ash Ward

Congratulations to our award winners and those nominated, we can't wait to see what 2022 brings to the table for our growing team. If you're looking to join Netmatters, keep posted on our careers page.

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