June Notable Employees

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At Netmatters we like to dedicate an award at the end of every month to ‘The Most Notable Employee’. This award is dedicated to a single employee who has gone above and beyond the expectations of their job role during the last month. For June, we would like to congratulate Project Manager, Adam Carman.

The most Notable of Notable Employees

Adam Carman

Adam has been pulling the strings in the Project Management department this month, even with the structural changes that have been going on. He has used his itinerary of expertise to stay organised and on top of his projects - to the point of being able to assist other Project Managers. This has also been noted by clients who have provided positive feedback on his efforts. He is an asset to the company. Top work Adam, keep it up!

This Month's Notable Employee Nominations are:

Adam Wilson — For dedicating his time out of hours to make sure a website migration for a customer went smoothly. Fantastic commitment to make sure the client received a fully operational website.

Richard Dent — Richard has been performing exceptionally well within IT. He has also made time available to assist and improve the efficiency of other team members; he is a valued member of the team.

Adam Burns — Adam has helped multiple clients transition over to Netmatters with minimal disruption. He has been able to deliver projects within realistic and time-sensitive deadlines. Well done Adam!

Scott Aldridge — Scott works with an extremely positive attitude, continuing to do a sterling job on his customer accounts. On top of this, he has been educating new starters in the digital team.

James Mackay — For being an unsung hero. James manages multiple projects and a development team with perfect execution and clarity in his work. Wonderful working attitude James, well done!

Ola Lawal — We have received some excellent feedback from clients on work carried out by Ola on their account. She is always working hard and keeping her head down, it does not go unnoticed.

Matthew Chapman — Always prepared to go further than is expected of him, Matt approaches his work with a positive attitude. This is reflective of the great feedback he receives for the work he carries out.

Ashley Hewitt — Ash plays an instrumental role in the Digital Marketing team. He is indispensable to the team. He has stepped up and provided insight and support to new members of the digital team.

We would like to congratulate everyone on this list. These are just a few familiar faces of our ever-growing workforce. We here at Netmatters are always looking to improve and add to our staff quota; if you think you’ve got what it takes, get in touch today, via the form below, or ring us on 01603 515007

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