Elliott Becomes A Netmatters Director

Posted by Netmatters

As Netmatters continues to grow in every aspect we would like to announce Elliott Peacock as the new Business Development Director! Formerly acting as our Business Development Manager a promotion has earned his newly found title within the company.

"Over the last few months, Elliott has proved himself to be a consummate team player with enthusiasm and drive. He is a natural leader with a healthy management style that promotes others to excel."

- James Gulliver

Elliott joined Netmatters in July 2014 and has gone from strength to strength with a positive attitude and always looks to exceed customer's satisfaction. His wealth of experience, knowledge, and people skills are just a few of the qualities that enforce Elliott's ability to be an effective professional. Congratulations Elliott!

"I'm extremely proud to have become a director at Netmatters, the opportunities that the company offers to clients and employees is phenomenal and this chance was too good for me to miss. There are some solid foundations in place and I look forward to helping the company move forward."

- Elliott Peacock

We are continuously looking to grow the company with a strategy that will help empower all employees and lead them to have successful careers within Netmatters. Using innovation, technology, creativity, and vision our team continues to improve in skills and numbers, resulting in the delivery of positive results for all of our clients.

Our services that we provide as an overall company covers various technology business needs and solutions such as, Website Development, Software Development, Digital Marketing, IT Support, Telecoms. If you are interested in any of these services, please do get in contact via the form below, or by ringing 01603 515007

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