Digital Marketing – The Building Blocks To Growing Your Brand

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Digital Marketing - The building blocks to growing your brand

Before Digital Marketing was introduced, people understood marketing in the form of print advertising, television and radio coverage. With the birth of Google in 1999, Digital Marketing soon followed, but only in a small way – an additional tool to the marketing mix, not a standalone entity to promote your business. Whilst the marketing industry was changing in the background, the purpose of its use was the same for all businesses – grow the brand.
“But everyone watches television and listens to the radio, it makes sense to stay there right?”


You may think that in having the personality, the promise and the mission, you have already done enough to gain the customer base you need to succeed, however, this is really just the start. As any great brand will tell you, the key is utilising the right tools to get your vision in front of the right people.

That’s where the right marketing comes in – more importantly, Digital Marketing.

In today’s world, people spend more than 12 hours a day, almost half of their waking life, on some form of digital device. As a result, if your brand doesn’t adapt to digital processes, technologies or methods, you may as well close the door on your business right there. You will not be able to engage with your customers in the right way or deliver the perfect message because nowadays, everyone is waiting to talk to you online.

Why You Need to Build Your Blocks!

Where digital marketing used to be an additional tool, it is now the leader of the whole operation. Gone are the days of unmeasurable campaigns and being unable to identify where your customers heard about you. Now, every platform has features to help you deliver, analyse, understand and amend your offerings to continuously improve your marketing efforts and in turn – grow your brand!

With so much time spent on mobile, it’s only natural that they’d start to use it in the same way they may use a newspaper, look at a billboard or watch a television ad. Consumers are actively seeking out brands through their device and they expect more from the businesses they follow 30% of people are now more likely to communicate with a brand through a digital avenue and they are usually already at the point of purchase, long before your business would even know that they are a potential prospect. Putting your digital foot forward allows you to be in front of the customer when they realise they need you.

Digital marketing also attributes to a more positive experience. In a fast-moving environment, the customer also expects a fast moving response with 60% declaring a bad customer experience if they don’t receive a response from a brand through a digital channel [1]. These tools offer more than just response options however. Gone are the days of static, one-way interactions where you don’t know if you’ve put out the right message in your campaign. With the use of certain channels, you can actively gage how customers are responding to what you’re doing and using that information to make improvements.

Speaking of campaigns, using digital tools allows you adapt them to the RIGHT AUDIENCE. For so long, businesses have been pushing out the same message to people of every demographic. Okay, you could argue that it would be seen by the masses, but how many of those people would convert? Accurately targeting different audience segments with relevant and tailored messages offers means not only does your revenue grow, but in pleasing your customers – so does your brand!

Money Plants

Social Media:

There are now 3.5 billion active social media users. [2] On average people have 7.6 social media account across multiple platforms and spend around 142 minutes a day scrolling [3]. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn, chances are your customers are on it, so you should be too. It’s a great way to engage customers, start discussions, share the latest news and generally deal with customer service in a proactive way.


59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation with 86% of business professionals stating they are more likely to accept an offer received by email as opposed to over the phone. [4] The beauty of an online mailer rather than traditional methods is it is specific to that audience with personalised greetings, messages and information.

A Trusted & Optimised Website:

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day so in order to appear in the results, your content needs to be tip top. Having a website that is optimised with the right keywords and relevant content will allow you to organically appear for a variety of search terms. In the digital era, optimising your site for mobile should also be a top priority a 60% of internet access is done through a phone. [5]

Pay Per Click Advertising:

Running alongside organic search and an accurately optimised website, your business may also see benefits through paid search. Creating engaging PPC ads is a targeted tool to grow your customer base. You can create custom audiences with specific keywords to target, meaning you draw in the most relevant audience at the prospect stage of the buying journey.

How Netmatters Can Grow Your Brand:

Now, you may have read this article and can understand what it is you need to implement in order to grow your brand but, you may not know what to start.

That is where we come in.

Netmatters are experts in digital marketing and putting your business at the front of the digital queue. Our team are available to walk you through how we can help you with your digital marketing efforts. For more information on how we can help, get in touch with us below:


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