Bethany Shakespeare Promoted to HR Manager

Posted by Netmatters

Bethany Shakespeare Promoted to HR Manager

Netmatters are pleased to announce Bethany's promotion to HR Manager! Bethany has been fulfilling the role for many months now and is performing within the role to a high standard. Congratulations on this fantastic achievement.

She has come a long way within the time she has been with Netmatters, she has made a real difference to the business. Staff engagement is massively important to us and Bethany is very focused on this and goes above and beyond.  She is very process-driven and has made many improvements to our recruitment process and staff onboarding.

Here is a sample of what we have said about Bethany in the past:

Continued effort with progressing recruitment for the company, which is manic. She is a team player and goes above and beyond on a regular basis. She is growing into the HR role enhancing how that department works and bringing her own style to the process, making everyone feel welcome, checking in on new recruits and being available to all staff to answer any questions/queries. Excellent work Bethany, you are a star - Chris Gulliver

Doing a stella job in one of the most diverse and challenging roles, managing the fast paced recruitment of a growing business with alacrity – Elliott Peacock 

Team player, has helped Lisa and Rosalind get up to speed with their new roles. A real asset to the company, All your effort and hard work is very much appreciated :) – Chris Gulliver

Doing a great job in managing the recruitment process, not just for IT but across the company. With multiple roles open it can be a logistical nightmare but is doing a great job in ensuring it runs smoothly  - Robert George.

Embracing her new role and pushing forward to keep pace with the ever-increasing business requirements. – James Gulliver 

Great job managing the transition to her new role of HR Co-Ordinator for the Company. We are getting extremely busy in this area with some carry forward from 2020 and the ever-expanding Scion Scheme, Bethany is holding this all together as well as assisting with the transition from the role(s) she previously occupied. She is busy but in control and it's most excellent to now have a dedicated HR point of contact for the company (lots of positive feedback on this already ). – Chris Gulliver.

Doing a great job developing our HR support function. Specific work on the onboarding process and planned improvement to recruitment process are worth a mention too. – James Gulliver

Bethany has a fantastic resilience and ability to focus and just keep going. She is incredibly reliable and has dealt with some tricky challenges particularly with recruitment and the issues this has faced due to COVID-related circumstances. Including her direct part to play in maintaining our COVID secure status and meaning we have remained almost completely COVID free as a company. Excellent work Bethany. – Millie Pankhurst 

Her continued thoroughness and diligence towards managing our COVID Secure Status. Ensuring all boxes are ticked and standards are maintained throughout to keep the business running efficiently and ensure a comfortable environment for everyone who’s roles require them to work from the office. – Millie Pankhurst 

We would like to congratulate Bethany for her hard work and commitment and wish every success in her new role.

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