April 2020 Notable Employee

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April Notable Employee

It's the beginning of May which means only one thing here at Netmatters - announcing the winner of "Notable of Notable Employees" for April 2020. This award is given to a single employee who has exceeded expectations in their day to day role or has been influential in the company's success during the previous month. 

Every department manager is asked to nominate an employee from their department, who they feel has done exceptionally well during the course of the previous month. Each one of these employees is then considered as a candidate for this award. This month, things are a little different to usual but it was important that we still recognised the hard work of our employees.

The Notable of Notables is presented to a member of staff who has been been doing an excellent job all round working hard throughout. This month's Notable of Notables is awarded to Bethany Shakespeare!

The Most Notable of Notable Employees

Bethany Shakespeare!

"Turning her hand to any and every task she is given with professionalism and care." - James Gulliver

Bethany Shakespeare - 'We have had a lot to deal with in the Admin/HR department with the introduction of Furlough scheme, update to letters/contracts, team check-ins and deliveries of essential IT equipment needed by the team so they can continue to do an amazing job. PPE for NM staff and keeping everyone up to date. Excellent work Bethany.' Chris Gulliver

"Bethany has been instrumental in getting our customers critical IT recommendations for remote working send out in a quick turnaround and we’ve seen a very good uptake in this as a result, she has managed this whilst also maintain quality across her day to day workload." - Tom Lancaster

Well done Bethany for all of your hard work throughout April!

This Month’s Other Notable Employee Nominations:

Kayleigh Hall - Went above and beyond when required on the TVC project, technically surpassing expectations in very trying circumstances. – Elliott Peacock

Tessa Woodrow – Gripped the TVC project with precision and alacrity. Ensured we got in front of some key challenges and helped deliver on all fronts. – Elliott Peacock

Mark Reilly- Has continued to deliver above expectations in really trying conditions – his results are consistent and of high quality. Takes pride in his work and always puts in a shift. – Elliott Peacock

Rebecca Reynolds, Holly Leech and Lewie Carton – The team have been exceptional in ensuring the standard of service we’re providing to clients hasn’t wavered during this time. They have all maintained the high level of work clients expect and have been sure to keep in regular contact with them, providing as much support as possible during this time. Well done team and keep up the great work!  Lydia Whitney

Frank Desai – working hard to keep the work flowing in. Excellent effort and great figures to boot!  – James Gulliver

Mark Reilly - Doggedly trudging through the miasma of Coronavirus anxiety with alacrity and achieving a decent flow of quality leads for the business to  benefit from.- James Gulliver

Chris Waldie - Chris has taken to the role of POD leader really well, picking up some of our longest standing clients and making a positive impact with them. He is confident and credible on calls with clients and represents Netmatters in the best light. His wider knowledge of Telecoms has help us shape (and continue) to shape our offering, he is always leaning forward with ideas and suggestions and is genuinely wanting to constantly improve what we do for our clients. - Chris Gulliver

Charlotte Gubbin - Charlotte progressed to Senior Accounts Administrator this month in her PDP. She has been working hard on ISO accreditation and picked up GDPR compliance as part of this. H&S initiatives are being managed and rolled out by Charlotte, as well as saving director time by preparing a large majority of our company’s monthly management accounts! Great work! – Chris Gulliver

Kati Leeson - Kati has been managing all open projects and service lead estimates for all of our IT customers and has been doing a fantastic job of managing this and dealing with changing needs of our customers in this climate.  She has also been finding the time to make systematic improvements alongside this , good work Kati keep it up! –  Tom Lancaster

Drew Halls - Drew has been brilliant in helping to highlight areas of our hosting platform which can be improved and takes a great view on working towards the bigger picture in improving things long term as opposed to just fixing the issue in front of him. – Rob George

Ash Ward - Ash is continuing to handle one of our largest retainers and a very demanding client. His ability to pivot his attention and focus on another area (as the customer is very agile) is most impressive! Well done Ash and keep it up! – Adam Greer

Drew Halls - Drew has put in a fantastic effort with our hosting platform recently, taking a lot of care to ensure the right solutions are being put in place. Excellent work and attention to detail, not to mention a fair few out of hours calls. – Adam Greer

Jamie Thurston - Jamie’s been doing a top quality job recently, he’s getting on well with the projects he’s involved in and has been incredibly helpful in giving detailed handovers when he’s been on holiday etc. to make sure the rest of the team can pick things up if required. Good work Jamie – great feedback all round. – Josh Ralph

Kayleigh Hall - Kayleigh’s put a huge amount of work in recently to make sure that the TVC projects she’s been working on are delivered to the customer in the best shape they can be. This project using tech which is somewhat new territory for Kayleigh and I have to say she’s taking it in her stride. – Josh Ralph

We like to show our appreciation to all nominees of this month's Notables award! A huge congratulations to all of those nominated for April, keep up the brilliant standard of work! The Notable Employee Scheme is just one of a range of benefits here at Netmatters, available to all employees. 

If you would like to be a part of our fantastic team and be in the running for some extra treats each month, view our open job vacancies today; we’re always on the scout for intelligent, motivated individuals to join our ever-increasing team! You can always contact us via the form below, or ring us on 01603 515007 today.

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