Why Fixed IT Support Doesn't Work for Customers

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Are You Getting a Fair Price on Your IT Support?

Under a fixed fee IT support package, it doesn’t matter how much assistance or maintenance you receive. Regardless of how much work is done on your IT infrastructure, the rate you pay will remain the same.

A standard rate for IT support seems appealing at first glance. It simplifies things and appears to make it easier for businesses to monitor costs. But what comes as a result of this?

We believe that having a fixed fee for IT support can cause an imbalance between customers and service providers. Is it fair for IT companies to charge the same for standard upkeep as they would for solving a critical problem? Conversely, if a client regularly requires a lot of assistance, a fixed support rate could leave service vendors out of pocket.

At Netmatters, we believe that fixed fee IT support creates too many loopholes. Instead, we charge customers based on what work we actually carry out. This article will explain why this works so well for us.

Why We Do Things Differently at Netmatters

1. We Like to Be Certain

As a digital technology agency, our work is driven by data and analysis. Our service packages are tailored to each of our clients’ needs and requirements. We do not assume what a customer needs from IT support. Therefore, we do not consider it fair to price based on assumptions.

We regularly review customers’ IT infrastructures, so we can make recommendations for improvements. These improvements are designed to make customers less dependent on IT support. We want customers to know they can rely on us, and do not feel we have to achieve this with a fixed rate.

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2. We Like to Be Proactive

It is arguable that fixed-fee IT support doesn’t incentivise service providers to be proactive. If a company charges the same amount regardless of what work is done, would they be motivated to seek out new improvements?

A problem with a lot of companies is that instead of being proactive, they are reactive. This means that they do not have a clear strategy for dealing with an unforeseen crisis. 

Our goal is to find permanent fixes for reoccurring problems. This not only saves countless hours on temporary solutions, but saves our customers money long-term.

3. We Like to Be Transparent

Our aim is for everything we do to bring value to our customers. This is at the heart of our operations. In fact, one of our key values is to be ‘focused on strong, transparent relationships and positive end-to-end experiences for all.’

When we charge our customers for a service, they will know exactly what we did, what we achieved and how long it took us. We don’t want to hide the work we do under a blanket term or a fixed rate. The way we charge for service, means that our clients know exactly what they are paying for.

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Our Expert IT Support

At Netmatters, our team of experts will remain vigilant to spot any issues with your IT. We work with you to keep your IT systems up-to-date, maintaining a high-quality and secure online presence. We work fast without compromising on quality, with 97% of all IT support requests progressed within the hour. And of course, we charge a fair rate for the work we do, ensuring your business saves money long term.

If you want top quality IT support at an affordable cost, contact us via the form below, or ring us on 01603 515007 today.

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